What a dream tank?

The tank is a formidable weapon of war. Therefore, seeing in a dream tank, people first of all think about the war. But the interpretation of the dream has nothing to do with military operations. Most of these dreams say about brute force, which abruptly burst into your life, or about the conflicts and troubles.

The tank had a dream, dream interpretation

The tank had a dream, dream interpretation

Summer dream

Dream dance warns you that the work will be a new head with a hard character. He will demand unquestioning obedience and quickly put his subordinates in place.

Erotic dream book

If in the dream people in panic running away from a huge tank, let the black strip in your personal life. His or her significant other will be cold, alien and indifferent. If you dream you yourself went on the tank, enjoy. You are lucky enough to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal. You will easily win sympathy a person of your interest.

Autumn dream interpretation

Otherwise, written in the fall downers: a tank means that you will have to deal with arrogant and rude man.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dream you were a tank, your financial position can deteriorate rapidly. As an option – there is even a threat to your life. If the tank is heading straight for you, you will be able to resolve any misunderstandings and come to a compromise solution. If in the dream the man saw himself inside the tank, so be ready to quarrel with loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If in the dream you were a tanker, it is all about your willpower. You will be able to overcome all obstacles. To dream of a tank in your life will break the force that will disrupt the orderliness and tranquility.

A modern dream book

Tank in a dream – to the far and difficult journey. If the young man saw that it has a tank, it will call in the army. If you dream you ruled the tank, due to your own negligence you will make a huge blunder, which will not work to fix it.

Esoteric dream book

What a dream tank for a serious illness. If you were driving the vehicle in the dream, it speaks of the lack of power and feelings of powerlessness and helplessness.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Tank in a dream – you take everything too close to heart. Life seems very ruthless. No need to think about it. Try to live for yourself and care about your family. You don’t have to think about the universal injustice. To go in the tank – a symbol of your behavior. You prefer strength, not reason. You don’t have compassion for people who don’t have patience for excuses and explanations.

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