Dream ball – what a dream

To dream of a tangle in the pack. Almost all the dream books it is so interpreted dreams, in which there is a ball of yarn or rope. Sometimes it represents the confusion in current Affairs or the performance of it is easy but monotonous work. In some cases wound a ball of yarn to symbolize you or not paid you debts.



Dream Interpretation Filomena

Tangle – way the monotonous unproductive work that you have to deal with in the near future. To keep the ball and consider it means to get into confusing situation.

Unwinding the ball – unfortunately, wind – up to the successful moving to a new place. To disentangle the threads in your sleep promises the return of the money to your debtors. Buying in irregularly wound ball of yarn – a reminder that it’s time to return borrowed someone money or a thing.

Family dream book

Sleep with tangles of colored thread promises great success. Plays a kitten with a ball symbolizes enjoy a pleasant vacation in the family circle. If the cat is messed up or broken strands, then most likely you will be faced with problems that relate to relationships.

The winding of thread into a ball – a warning that you need to watch their words, thinking of every spoken phrase. Perhaps saying «my tongue – my enemy» in the near future will be for you is as relevant as ever.

Rolled into a corner or under a bed tangle means that you will fall for the deception on the part of the person who unconditionally trusted. To hold a tangle to deal with a confusing case.

Women’s dream book

A dream about a bright tangle of threads in your hands promises a fascinating journey to exotic countries, perhaps in the company of beloved.

If you long for the wound thread into a ball, you will be hard long road. To unravel the threads means to solve many small everyday problems that suddenly fall on you.

If the ball constantly falls out of your arms, then you most likely will not be able to cope with some business in the usual way and will have to radically solve the problem.

To dissolve a knitted thing and untie the thread – to engage in unproductive activities. Wind up the new yarn is a harbinger of the long road.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Tangle means the involvement of current Affairs – both family and professional. Resistant winding of thread in a dream is a warning that you need to exercise caution in relations with their patrons.

A good sign can be considered a dream in which you saw a large number of colored balls. This dream promises good luck.

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