What a dream tale

The interpretation of fairy tales

Tale dream

Tale dream

Spring dream interpretation

Tale in the dream speaks of unfulfilled dreams. Sleeping always in the clouds.

Summer dream

If in your dream everything is so colorful and feels like you stepped into a fairy tale, in real life, you lost confidence, you have no more authority to others.

Autumn dream interpretation

If the person in the dream as if caught in a fairy world, in his life should be an amazing event.

Vintage Russian

If the dreamer is busy listening to stories or watching as someone reads, it is in fact a sleeping man ought to be suspicious, because somebody was spreading the rumours about him, and very negative, erroneous.

Small dream book of Veles

And do not tell the tale? This dream book interprets the vision this way: if you listen as someone reads a story, something about you, spread rumors, and if you tell them, it’s worth waiting for news.

Home dream interpretation

Most often people dream for him the familiar fairy-tale characters. That is, if your dreams are negative characters, you should think about their faults and traits. You may now overcome by anger and thirst or you did not manage to cope with jealousy. All this will soon pass, if you work on your thoughts.

The newest dream book

Heard the tale tells about fraudulent acts in real life. May not be worth it all to trust and attempt to deceive anyone. Sealcoating if the sleeper is watching the tell tales, and listens to the story, trying to understand or remember, you really should be careful with friends, who can spread false rumors.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If your sleep has penetrated the fairy-tale characters, to interpret this dream is possible, depending on what they symbolize. Well, for example, Santa Claus always brings gifts, and the Phoenix revival, the revision of his own views on all sorts of situations. When the dreamer listens to the tales, in fact he will have to deal with people who spread gossip and weave.

Dream Interpretation Morozova

What would fairy tale characters appeared in your dream, their images should be interpreted in the same way as they can decipher the rituals. Listen to legends – live with wrong ideas about the world.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If you need to tell someone the tale, the reality is hope for a pleasant spending time on the love date. If you listened when someone was telling the tale, soon you will be invited to the meeting. To write in a dream tales of their own production, to trouble, small problems.

Dream interpretation birthdays of January – April

The interpreter said that to see such a dream of a dreamy man, which in reality puts an impossible goal.

Dream interpretation birthday may – August

Colorful dream where everything seems so beautiful, like a fairy tale, speaks of the loss of credibility of a human reality in its social circle.

Dream interpretation birthdays Sep – Dec

Amazing events can provide a tale that appeared in the dream.

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