Tail in a dream, what a dream tail

This part of the body is the symbol of unfinished business. The tail of the dream, if a person is waiting for monotonous work or meeting with a haunting face. Such means, changes in behavior may arise from the dreamer, and also indicates his personal characteristics.

dream tail

Whiskers, paws, tail: dream interpretation knows about all

A modern dream book

Large tail of any animal dream suggests that life will begin a black stripe. Have fun in the near future will not have. If you cut the tail off of the living beings in the dream, be prepared to suffer. The culprit is their own negligence.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

This dream tail, the man found himself, warns that in reality, due to his misconduct he will bring a lot of trouble for others. In this case you should try not to make hasty actions, then restore your reputation will not be easy.

Home dream interpretation

Sometimes the tail represents the past experience. When the dream that this part of the body belongs to an animal, you have a secret sexual desire, and cut it off – to stop thinking about any intimate relationships. Have a tail – to obligations to a particular person.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Had a dog’s tail – will soon have to deal with the fallout of a conflict situation at work or at home. This same part of the body, but the cat foreshadows intrigue of your surroundings. Lush horse tail, used in a dream to decorate someone’s head promises a reward for your generosity.

Dream Interpretation Of Freud.

The dog wagged its tail in a dream – in reality someone is treating you wrong, as I would like. Do not worry because of this, and try to become more self-confident. Then everything will change for the better. If seen cut fishtail, think about whether you are satisfied with an intimate relationship with a partner.

Common dream interpretation

The tail of a loved one for the dream book foretells that in the near future he will be lucky in the form of large sums of money. When in the dream this part of the body have relatives or acquaintances, they will soon have a lot of money and will share with you.

Angel dream interpretation

Tail of a bird to dream of the upcoming exciting trip or journey. If suddenly you have grown in your sleep, the tail will come off, you can enjoy life again. All the onerous work and responsibilities that anyone has previously been to entrust, give to another person.

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