What a dream table is?

Dream table be? A dream books are inclined to believe that in this way the subconscious mind suggests to us to a friendly feast. Or you will receive unexpected guests, or you are going to see someone, or a holiday planned with the meal and toast. But there are discrepancies. What versions of nominate popular sleepers.

Dream table

Sleep on the table — why?

Women’s dream book

If in the dream you find yourself at a table set for dinner, we should expect interesting acquaintances in reality and solving many problems. To remove the instrument – to unpleasant changes in life, grief. Torn tablecloth foretells family quarrels. What dreams a lot of tables? Following this interpreter, the empty pieces of furniture promise feuds and scandals, full of – generous. Broken table portends negative changes in life.

Small dream book of Veles

You can collect the Desk to the loss of a family holiday dinner – a good sign. On steady legs – to prosperity, the fragile – to a poor life. Broken marks the disease, and even death to the second half.

Dream Meridian

Share a meal with your loved ones – to future happiness and good luck, especially if the festival is attended by deceased relatives. One at the table to have Breakfast or lunch to the complex dilemmas and options involves a certain loss. To work for office table – the time being determined to change lives for the better.

The American dream

According to this dream interpretation, the table suggests that in reality you are trying to postpone any final decision, to hide their fears and desires.

Family dream book

Dreams about table setting always heralds the arrival of guests. If this happened on the eve of the Sabbath, we can expect replenishment in the family. Spill something on the table surface – to the weak hope of success, but when you dream in the night of Thursday, the odds are greatly increased.

The Russian dream book

The table in the dream always to profit, to serve it – one will bring good luck; the holiday happiness with family matters.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This piece of furniture – a symbol of family, of the household. Vase with flowers on it in a dream foretells a happy marriage. A round piece of furniture to the disappearance of differences. Made of marble – trouble-shameless personality. Dream written prior to the adoption of moral responsibility. Broken always portends misfortune. With a dirty tablecloth – to the scandal, childish whims, sabotage at work.

French dream book

This dream explains in his own way, what a dream set table. If you believe the interpretation of such a dream warns that things will go awry. All of this can lead to shame, ruin the reputation. If you saw a rotary table, it promises adventure and unexpected discoveries.

Esoteric dream book

If you had a solid, sturdy wooden table to keep confidence in their abilities. Flimsy, plastic portends a doubt, financial instability.

A modern dream book

Eat at the table without a tablecloth and napkins dream to what you will become self-sufficient and independent from other people. Mobile without anyone’s involvement table in a dream – a desire for change. Banknotes, coins or the table – an unexpected way out of financial difficulties. If, setting the table, you missed something – a happy accident, a new acquaintance.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

To lay the table for purchase, remove devices – to financial losses, to feast at the holiday table to joyful meeting with friends, to be empty, persistent shortages. Gaming or pool table dreams of pleasure and abundance.

Folk dream interpretation

What a dream table to wipe with your hand or a sponge or crumb to shake? Dream interpretation tells you that this is not good vision, portends poverty and deprivation. But if you dream you are sitting on the table, possible a death in the family.

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