Had a syringe dream interpretation

Even adults are afraid of needles. Therefore, the syringe in a dream can unsettle. Do not worry: in most dream books, this dream is not considered as a bad sign. So. You will need to take care of your health, but no more.

What dreams syringe

What dreams syringe

Dream Interpretation Freud

The syringe in the dream – the future changes in his personal life. If you have still now you will find the stormy sea of passions. If on the contrary, now is the time to calm down. To do the injection yourself or another person – you are embroiled in intrigue. The result will be pain and suffering to an innocent person, even if you didn’t want to do that. If in the dream you boil the syringes, you need to critically look at their attitude to order. Cleanliness for you is the greatest value on earth. But there are many other equally interesting activities and things.

Women’s dream book

What dream of a syringe – to care for our loved ones. Fortunately, all fears will be in vain. If the syringe is damaged, be prepared to pay for expensive long-forgotten mistakes. Also this dream warns of disease.

The newest dream book

Seen in a dream the syringe warns you that you will run into an infectious disease or a cold.

Italian dream

The syringe in the dream suggests that someone may use you for their own purposes, instilling you with relevant information.

Summer dream

If the sick man had a syringe, he will recover.

Spring dream interpretation

The opposite interpretation submitted in the spring dreams: the syringe in the dream means that without professional help you will not be able to improve their health.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Such a dream is often a harbinger of attacks and aggression towards you. But in the future it will be of benefit to you.

Dream Interpretation Longo

If you dream you are roughly chopping the other syringe, please pay attention to their behavior. You often sarcastically respond to people, all point to their mistakes and resent their shortcomings. The man himself sees their negative sides and suffering because of this, and you sprinkled his wounds with salt. Look at yourself: are you better? You want to ruin the mood of the people to receive from this pleasure. Only then life becomes meaningful to you. It’s terrible, especially everything you have done evil will come back to you like a boomerang.

Dream about painful injections with a syringe warns you to be careful. If in the dream someone made a shot, be prepared to pay for their laziness. You don’t feel the need to make urgent business, for which he will suffer punishment.

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