What a dream sword?

Fought with someone in a dream, brandishing a sword? Or carefully chose him, asking the price? Our dream interpretation will answer the question: what dream sword?

dream sword

Dream interpretation what dreams sword

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The contents of the sword as the image in the dream in the first place for sleeping is interpreted as to be recognized or rewarded for your achievements, or to become famous. The second category of meanings of such dreams: fight for your opinion or rivals.

A sword with a blade very sharp warns of the possibility of betrayal of people close to you. The dream is trying to let you know that your surroundings are plotting evil against you.

If had a sword in the Japanese style, then you will find a huge fight with someone. If you do not want such an event, we try to be as restrained and calm. The sword in your dream was an ancient? Is your dissatisfaction due to the lack of loving relationship and mutual love.

Dream interpretation considers that the sword in the hands in the dream, promises a very big problem, though, you’ll be able to beat all odds due to its first readiness to expected. If the sword in your dream made of gold, then in life you are not afraid of problems – you have a great stock of health and strength.

Had a fight with someone, this weapon was the sword, is the prediction of the appearance of the enemies in your life. To engage in the forging of this weapon – you can expect a profitable and enjoyable work. If the sword you sharpen, then you know that luck will accompany you.

To find a sword in a dream – be careful, you will soon make acquaintance with a bad, bad man, who will try to ruin your life.

If you dream you hurt your opponent in life you will also be able to win over enemies. Not with weapons, of course, and thanks to cognitive abilities, especially in the presence of tricks.

Oriental dream book

If a dream in which you fight with swords, sees the woman is an allusion to the fact that she leads by the nose of his fans, using them for their own purposes.

The newest dream book

If you saw the sword, it means that life for the sake of something you will have to make sacrifices.


If the sword is polished, the dreamer has good health, if it is dirty or covered with rusty stains – health, on the contrary, weakened. If in the dream the wound inflicted by the sword – get ready to fight with the wounded in life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The sword is a long znamenovanie a conflict situation with someone, or fight for his honor. If you waved to them in a dream, in life you are more likely to get scared.

Left between you and a familiar sword against your relationship weave.

The sword that hangs on the wall warns of increased attention to the environment, if he fell from there – prepare your courage, you’ll need it.

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