What a dream swimsuit, dream interpretation

Dream about the bathing suit says about the nature of events that can happen to had a dream. Depending on the details that emerge in the vision, you can expect pleasant events, joyful news, acquisitions or, on the contrary, troubles and worries.

dream swimsuit

To dream swimsuit

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

When the sleeper dreams that he tries on a swimsuit, or wears it in his life not everything goes as we would like. Perhaps we need to reassess what is happening and make conclusions. Messy swimsuit – profit, receiving salary increase, a small win. People in bathing suits – a series of failures, trouble from work colleagues.

A modern dream book

To see, will be surprised.

To wear – wait for news of trouble.

Buy – to acquire new friends who will become support in my life.

Torn swimsuit means poverty, money worries, debt.

Women’s dream book

To wear in winter – you feel uncomfortable in a personal relationship, you are concerned about a sexual partner.

Buy – will soon be meeting with the beloved.

To lose be disappointed.

To sew is to avoid major troubles in his personal life.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

In this dream swimsuit symbolizes personal relationships, interaction with a partner, a loved one. The details of the dream can help to explain it in more detail.

Who was in the swimsuit?

You are the disappointment in personal relationships.

Girls – new relationships, Dating.

What were you doing with a bathing suit?

Bought – you compete with a strong man, whose defeat was in.

Tried it on and you will acquire the thing which had long dreamed of.

Selected problems and troubles recede.

Wore – a dubious acquaintances would lead to trouble.

Was looking for you are not satisfied with sex with a partner.

Wore – loves you the opposite sex.

Which was a bathing suit?

Red – you feel a need for attention, affection.

Black – stop, you’re going in the wrong direction, all your actions are evaluated by others negatively.

White – you alienate the ones who love you.

New – to meet, love story.

Oriental dream book

Rash actions, short-term relationships can bring trouble to one who saw in a dream swimsuit. If swimwear sleeper sees a lot of girls, so he needs to guard against gossip, slander, slander.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If you dream you are wearing a swimsuit, putting it on the wrong side, – you will travel, which will have to address issues related to health. To wear a new swimsuit – to enjoy, to enjoy life.

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