Swim in a dream – what is it?

In my dream you were swimming and now want to know what your dream means? We’ll show you what it means to swim in a dream.

What dreams float in a dream, dream interpretation

What dreams float in a dream, dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A dream in which you swim is a symbol of the implementation of the planned plans. Wait for successful implementation.

If swimming in the ocean, then you should be more careful in life, to be ready to face troubles that you can pounce. Swam in the river of life offers you pleasure. But if you feel love, then the dream suggests that you need to have a more sober look at many things.

To swim in the sea – this image promises the realization of your desires. Swam in the pool – you’ll see old friends and possibly begin a new romance. Men to dream, to swim with him in the pool – if with friends, then your subconscious is projecting concealed sympathy for him, but if you and a stranger are waiting for you in a new relationship.

Floated in a dream in clean water – such a dream promises career growth, and suggests that you are in emotional balance. But if the water was dirty, in life you have to do things that will leave a negative imprint in your soul. Carefully weigh all proposals, especially from new acquaintances. Swam in the warm water – very soon you will have the long-awaited vacation, the water was cold – a prediction of trouble, try not to agree to questionable requests for assistance.

Old Russian dream book

Swim in the water – this image promises joy and pleasure.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Floated in a dream – in life, you will find business and financial success, but if sailed with his partner – a sudden parting, perhaps for some time.

Dream Interpretation Azar

This dream interpretation interpret value «float in water» as the harbinger of peace in this life and success in business.

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

Sees himself floating in a dream promises luck in life.

A modern dream book

Swim – this process symbolizes success. Immersed in water in a dream – disappointed in someone or in something. Swam under water – something you would bother.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Clean water to swim – trouble will bypass you party, and if the water is muddy, you can not avoid trouble. Sinking in a dream – to trouble, saw someone swimming – undertakings will be successful.

Dream Meridian

Swim in the calm, untroubled sea – fortune smiles on you in life, the sea was warm – expect a monetary profit. And if the sea was mud – someone is going to gossip about you.

The newest dream book

Saw a dream in which we had to swim in rough water – will appear on the horizon are several promising cases, to swim in clean water – a sign of good health, and dirty water promises health is poor.

The Russian dream book

With a loved partner swam – you can expect pleasant events, perhaps even marriage. Confidently floated in a dream – good luck in life bring you joy, if something prevented you go, you’ll be very disappointed.

Dream interpretation-horoscope

Swim in a dream – to remake many important cases soon in life.

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