To see a Swan in a dream, dream interpretation

Gracefully floating on the surface of the lake the swans is a magical sight. That marks the phenomenon of these proud birds in a dream, from dream books.

What have swans

What have swans

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Lone Swan in a dream – a harbinger of contemplative and detached state of loneliness, longing; a pair of birds – a promise of love and happiness in the family; the black Swan – the symbol of the unknown, of mystery and secrets, bitterness and losses; white – happy omen; floats – a harbinger of good luck and fortune.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Swan by dream, a symbol of grace, faithfulness and greatness.

To dream of a white Swan – to meet a gentle, innocent girl, black – for the hypocrisy of close enemies, the wounded – to the sad news of the serious illness or death of a loved one, dead – to unrequited love and loneliness.

Swans in a dream – a sign of respect and recognition of your accomplishments, career growth.

Admire the swans to joy and success in business, to feed them – will be surrounded by loyal friends.

To see young swans to the joy and pride for their children.

Women’s dream book

A dream in which you see a white Swan, which floats on the surface of the water, is a sign of great prospects and excitement.

The vision of the black Swan in a quiet backwater – a sign of dubious pleasures that threaten a close relationship with a dear person.

Dream dead Swan – to the annoyance and tedium.

Flying swans in a dream – a sign that pleasant anticipation will come true soon.

Seasonal dream interpretation

To dream of swans – beautiful moments of life, the origin of true love. To feed the swans – a sign that my beloved man will be loyal to you.

Ukrainian dream book

Swan in a dream – a harbinger of goodness, happiness, success, luck, prosperity in all things.

Dream Swan lake warns of family quarrels and squabbles, the fragility of relations and possible separation.

What dream of the white Swan soon we should expect for the wedding.

A dream black Swan – the love frustration and anguish, your feelings will remain unanswered.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Swan in night dreams – the sign of sorrow, sadness, tenderness, sublime suffering and the purification of the soul.

To see one of the Swan – separation, black to the death of a loved one, a couple of graceful birds to a long and strong love, a happy marriage.

A modern dream book

What have swans: a dream portends wealth, fame, fortune, respect, great career prospects and nice love the excitement.

Black swans – conflicts with home, singing to serious problems and death.

Pair of swans – a sign of love and joy, Swan lake – a warning about the quarrels in the family.

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