To dream of a swamp, the dream

Marshland, unfortunately, often gets us in trouble. It is a symbol of the difficulties of life, feelings, fears, nervous tension. Dream books interpret the swamp depending on the sex of the person. You should try to remember every detail of the vision to interpret it correctly and to escape from future misfortunes.

What dreams swamp

What dreams swamp

English dream interpretation

If in the night the dreams you go through wetlands, and in reality your life is filled with worries and fears. Lover man this dream foretells future difficulties and failures. Of them he will be able to leave with honor, keeping their feelings.

If you cross the swamp, get ready for possible trouble. If you could easily break free of the quagmire, you will find a secure old age.

Oriental dream book

The dream of the marsh warns that you may suffer due to circumstances.

If in the dream you get out of the quagmire in reality you are waiting for the health problems associated with the nervous overstrain. You run the risk of becoming a victim of the unreasonable actions of a person from his inner circle.

If the gray in the middle of the swamp was an island with nice vegetation and clear water, you will find financial well-being. However, the path to it long and have to deal with enemies and unravel the plans of the attackers.

Intimate dream

To dream of a swamp means that in reality you are immersed in a love relationship with someone who you are not close in spirit. Inside you realize this, but can’t resist his persistence. Perhaps such relationships relate to your fear of being alone, which you agree on the first option.

Family dream book

If you dream you wander through the swamp, in reality you fail. Your financial hopes will be in vain, and the senses will be non-reciprocal.

Standing in the middle of a nasty top – not to fulfill promises. If in the quagmire turned out to be someone else, soon you will be forced to go through and worry your loved ones.

Dream interpretation-2012

The answer to the question, what dreams swamp the loss of life points. In your heart you realize that is steeped in unnecessary and petty things. You prevent social conventions, a prisoner of outdated habits. You feel that you will not be able to fulfill the promise.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Swamp – a bad sign. It symbolizes the coming difficulties, difficult way of life and financial difficulties. You feel peace of stagnation, do not know in what direction to move in. Often this dream foretells the tears and sadness.

Sinking in a swamp in a dream – a harbinger of a dangerous enterprise, in which you’re involved.

Standing in the middle of the marshland is to be unable to fulfill the promise.

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