What a dream in which you see the suitcase?

In real life the collection of Luggage in the house always means the closeness of a long trip or travel and a lot of new unforgettable impressions. So clear is the case with dreams, try to find out with the help of the most popular dream books. They will help you to understand what dream of to collect the suitcase, and explain possible visions.

sleep suitcase

What does it mean to see a suitcase in a dream

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

According to this dream book, the suitcase is a symbol of old feelings, memories and useful experience. Often, it reflects a subconscious desire for change and disagreement with the existing way of life. Empty Luggage promises fail in your endeavors and parting with a partner.

Women’s dream book

For the beautiful ladies to collect the suitcase in a dream foretells the imminent departure. If things in the baggage are in a mess, the trip will have an unpleasant aftertaste. In that case, if the suitcase in the dream is empty, therefore, the intention to conquer the rich man will not succeed.

Oriental dream book

In this regard, the source of sleeping with a suitcase would indicate the approach of a long trip. Careful of baggage charges promise a good journey, while the empty hand Luggage portends a love disappointment and a serious turmoil in family life.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Famous psychologist in his own way interprets what is having a suitcase with clothes. This vision may portend the coming fight with the person who you love. To carry heavy Luggage from place to place means that sleeping is a tangle of complexes and problems which is necessary to understand in real life.

A modern dream book

According to a modern source, seen in a dream, the suitcase could be a harbinger of a long road. If a suitcase full dream merchant, then it will be a success in your endeavors. In that case, if the Luggage is too small for all his things, it means that a person is waiting for a quick breakthrough in business and improving the level and quality of life.

Esoteric dream book

Promising dreams with a suitcase spirituality interpreted in the following way. Empty Luggage «hints» that you need to raise your intellectual level and an overloaded suitcase, on the contrary, testifies to the great reserves of life experience. If hand Luggage is lost or stolen, so your intellectual property someone encroaches and plans to marry her own.

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