What dreams of a strong wind in the dream

All know the expression «Where the wind blows…», «to Throw money to the wind», «wind in the head», etc. In the dream, the wind is also a symbol of different situations, actions, a harbinger of future circumstances.

dream interpretation wind

What does the dream mean where a strong wind blows

Autumn dream interpretation

Feel the breeze in a dream, as you penetrated through his cold, and I can’t find him shelter – wait for revelations. You will find and definitely will lead to clean water.

Spring dream interpretation

Feel a strong wind bends the tree, wait unpleasant news, events that will not allow them to carry out plans.

Summer dream

In this dream the wind is raging, demolishing all obstacles, means that you will increase in work.

Children’s dream book

The wind in a dream symbolizes good luck and success in school, business, family and friends will always be there. According to this dream book, a strong wind in the face, which prevents to overcome the way, means an obstacle of the enemies, to achieve your goals will be difficult due to different circumstances.

Women’s dream book

See the strong wind in the dream, hear the sounds – do not believe the forecasts. Anything that will tell you about the future, whether good news or bad prospects is going to come true.

Family dream book

The wind symbolizes changes in life. If it’s cold – wait trials, failures and losses. Warm wind is a harbinger of good news and good luck in business and good things for career development and personal life. Control in the dream yacht, and this helps the wind will be able to take advantage of the situation and do not miss favorable chance. Feel the road, wind in your face, which prevents to overcome the way, all of your efforts on the solution of problems will be in vain, do not waste your strength in vain.

Erotic dream book

If you go against the flow of the wind – so you want to upgrade or change your loving relationship. Hear the wind in his ears stay close to his chosen one. Ties you deep feeling, and after a breakup would be bad for him and you. I dream the wind, strong and loud, the way he knocks down, raises up in the air, beware of quarrels with loved ones, be careful in the statements and restrain emotions.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Strong wind in a dream – the problems created by enemies, pushing you to help friends. Knocked down, carries away, you’ll lose the authority, offshore wind assistance coming from friends and relatives. Quiet, stands for faithful companions.

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