What dream street dream interpretation

Street is a road that dreams can show the right way to reflect your mental state and future.

dream street

What does a dream in which you see the street

Women’s dream book

To dream of a street where strolling, you can not achieve your goal, anxiety, worry. Brightly lit street meant a pleasant pastime, loose way of life, a holiday on which you will be able to enjoy. A dream in which you see a dark street and you walk on it in an unknown or distant place, get ready to travel, but don’t expect him to use and enjoyable moments. Run down the street, fleeing from evil people – watch out your steps on the way to pleasure or service can be too risky.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

According to ancient beliefs, the street symbolizes your life path, destiny and regardless of what state it is, what happens with it depends on your future.

Deserted, empty street – failure, loss of control over the situation. The crowd on the street – you are expected home care, chores around the house.

Erotic dream book

In intimate dream walking on the pavement in an unknown city means the desire to conquer a young man to engage with him an intimate relationship, but your attempts will be in vain. Prepare for disappointment, to depression. Go on a familiar street will be able to implement their plans in relation to a young person, your efforts will lead to positive results.

Esoteric dream book

If you dream like looking for a street you are on the right track. Long time to find their place or thing with the capacity and preferences. After hard work you will succeed. Contemplate long and wide street – the way to implement the plan opened, you will succeed. I was dreaming of a street with houses in a strange city, on an unknown street, do not speak the language of the locals – expect troubles and loneliness.

To do the paving of the street, pave it, to blaze a new trail in real life, you too in a hurry and in the rush you may miss something important. You should stop, think, weigh all the «pros» and «cons», and only the sequence will help to achieve the desired results.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

In the dream book Longo to walk the streets of stagnation in life. Sleep is a sign that you need to follow a spiritual life, to re-evaluate their plans and desires. Develop personal qualities, increase the degree of responsibility to others, to change lives for the better. Your ideas and plans will not be accepted by friends and family, from a difficult situation, you have to choose yourself.

If within this dream you’ll be able to find the road once again confirms the opinion of friends that you are incompetent and should have listened to their advice. If you dream that you are walking in the beautiful outdoors, meet your friends, relatives, respect for your attitude and welcome your efforts will be appreciated.

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