What dreams stream

The murmur of the brook, the source of pleasant sounds for the person. The sources of dreams are a great sign.

dream interpretation strumok

What dreams stream

People’s dreams

A stream in a dream – expect great emotions, great impressions from an exciting trip, communication with friends and relatives. In this journey you will meet a wise and interesting people. The Creek amid bad weather – be careful of terms when dealing with unknown or unfamiliar people. Also in this dream stream means treason from the middle, from which you are thought to a shot. That brook – your work requires you to implement immediately take care love. The murmur of the brook dream to the good news.

English dream interpretation

In the English dream interpretation there is a clear explanation of what the dream stream. This natural creation is a certain amount of fate, when man is in a state on the way forward. He needs to reassess their values, to think about goals and aspirations. The brook in the narrow gorge – you are very limited in their actions. Break free, act independently, do not be afraid of their own endeavours. In the Creek, lots of boulders, pebbles – your path is full of obstacles, and solve problems only you can. Also the brook symbolizes a true friend. The dry source – will be disappointed in the close.

The Jewish dream book

For women the Creek, seen in the spring, wild party in the fall – grief, sorrow, in summer, to joyful fellowship with friends in the winter she will be meeting an old friend. For the stronger sex stream, dream in the spring, tells about his excessive lyubopitnost, in the fall – be careful, envy you. In winter this dream means slander, gossip, summer – time in society, talkative and cheerful person. To drink from the Creek water, would be more attentive to their own health if around the winter, snow will be able to avoid threats.

Dream mages

Stream dream to move to another residence, the trickle – wait for good news. Big Creek – you will have a great business, a lot of noise from the water – must bring order to the Affairs and papers. Water flows to your home – enjoy success and respect. If the water is dirty – expect losses, net – in the future expect excellent prospects. To Wade across the river– your goal will be reached, but do not forget that there is still a lot of work.

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