What does a dream in which you see the strawberries?

Had the strawberry has many interpretations. Depending on the color, taste, actions which concern it, the sign may portend of good luck and misfortune, love and disappointment, of defeat and victory. To see where dreaming big strawberry, there are several dream books.

What dreams strawberry

What dreams clubnicolesavage dream interpretation

If you want to know what dreams strawberry, then have a look at love dream. She dream to enjoy, eat it if love be long and happy, sweet taste of berries – waiting for a loved one. Sour, fermented strawberries – loss of interest in the pair, the coldness.

Esoteric dream book

Esoteric astrology considers that the strawberry is a symbol of love, happy, strong, strawberry jam – a passionate affair; the damaged berries dried up, the mold – parting with the unpleasant consequences in the form of disease, abortion or mental suffering.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

Strawberries in a dream means progress with someone’s help, there are berries – to the joyous event.

The Jewish dream book

Eat berries, especially during sleep from Thursday to Friday and in the spring months – a very generous offer, if the dream in summer to the pleasant surprise gifts in the fall the news, which turns out to be fiction, in the winter to see the strawberries – unexpected good news. To collect the strawberries in the spring – to the dreams and hopes that are unlikely to come true in the summer – will not lose time in vain, and will be engaged in important Affairs, autumn – error against old friends, winter – a reminder of the enjoyable and past events.

Home dream interpretation

What dreams strawberry. First and foremost is the possibility of temptations in reality, but if unripe berries, tasteless or just don’t like the temptations will be avoided.

The Dream Miller

To know what dream of the red strawberry, the dream book of Miller. Ripe, juicy berry to the achievement of the objectives or interesting prospects, job well done and satisfaction from the result. There are strawberries – to the mutual feelings, wedding, sell to harvest, grow – to impress friends, get jealous of others. But to brag about achievements in order not to detractors. Crush the strawberries – insult friend, who in retaliation will ruin your business. To rectify the situation can be in reality, asking for forgiveness.

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

Large berries in the dreams of young people – to winning the prestige among peers, but for adults this dream unfavorable. The second value of the surrounding turn away, if you continue to brag about their successes in personal life and work. The berries on the bushes – the romance in relationships, experimenting in bed or out with friends, family joys.

Other interpretations of dreams about strawberries: jam, to love and happy events, to pick fresh strawberries from the garden – wishes and hopes will come true, to plant and tend the boredom and monotonous work, to buy – all the work will make someone else a lot of berries – money.

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