What dream of strawberry?

A dream about strawberries – a good sign. He foretells the success, profit, recovery to those who have health problems. Strawberries can dream to a new acquaintance, which will become important in a person’s life. The correct interpretation of the dream depends on the details and what sensations caused a berry in my sleep.

dream strawberries

Dream interpretation: what does it mean strawberry?

Dream book of white magician Yuri Longo

Strawberry fields – new beginnings that will be successful; to collect, we must continue to work to achieve the plan; is – a very important person who will play a key role in your life; to make jam – plans.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

The interpretation of the dream depends on what you did sleep with a strawberry in his vision. If he ate it, then will hear important news. To give the strawberries to different people – you speak well, feel respected and virtuous person.

French dream book

See – to receive the good news; is – to achieve a result in the complex case.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

In every dream strawberries – joy, positive new beginnings, success. For a young girl in the dream interpretation strawberries portends a meeting with the beloved.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

Eat berries – have fun, be successful, respected. To sell the strawberries – in your life will soon be a lot of happiness, but if you are a farmer or engaged in the planting of fruit-vegetable crops – expect a great harvest.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

If you dream you see lots of strawberries, you are important, good news. There are strawberries – to fall; to collect – changes in your life, give you respect and expect you to help. So interpreted dream interpretation what dreams strawberries dream.

Oriental dream book

Strawberries for this dream foretells pleasure, love, sensual joy. If you eat berries, you will find a happy love, and if you trade will become rich and successful man.

Imperial dream book

Strawberries – a symbol of power that gives the earth and nature. If the sleeper is sick, then seeing this dream, he will quickly recover and be on his feet. If I have, then the dream may portend a success in business endeavors. Look for the berry and not find it – you have to work hard to achieve success; to see strawberries in winter – the decline of forces, the need for vacation and holiday; tasteless strawberries – you need to examine the condition of the digestive system.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dream you see a strawberry bushes without fruit, then you will have to go through and worry. Take care of your nerves.

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