What dream straw in the dream?

Not so surprisingly, if you sleep on the straw you will see the inhabitant of the countryside, has been fodder for animals. But what does the appearance of the dried herb in the dreams of the citizen, which are rarely confronted with it in everyday life? Find out the meaning of the different commentators.

straw in a dream

What dream straw in the dream?

Women’s dream book

Straw dream to barren and austere beginnings. The worry for them will be a lot, but nothing happens. In the dream a bunch of women causesa a warning that one should not engage in idle conversations and gossip. Otherwise, you can ruin a reputation.

A burning haystack in a dream — a sign of prosperity, achievements.

Roof covered with straw — the onset of the troubled times, but its correct behavior, you can change the situation for the better.

To feed her livestock to provide the food loved ones.

The Dream Miller

Straw in a dream — a harbinger of disease, and that the business meeting will not bring success.

English dream interpretation

Sleep on the straw is a warning that your affair will soon be revealed. In addition, it is a sign that the person you love will be negligible.

The American dream

Dream interpretation believes that the straw is a symbol of the lack of creative expression.

Veles dream book

To dream of ricks , according to this dream interpretation, can mean gossip, useless work, and profit. If it burns, then no need to worry is useless.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Straw — some difficulties. Dry grass flying in the air and a quick christening.

To bed, having spread straw to live in poverty.

Gypsy interpreter

To dream of straw scattered on the ground — a sign of sorrow and poverty, and bound into sheaves of joy.

A modern dream book

Straw is inner emptiness.

Woman sleep on the straw, tangled in her hair, warns her levity toward money.

Dirty straw symbolizes your wrong behavior at work. And straw picked up by the wind, for the entrepreneur can symbolize bankruptcy.

The interpreter of dreams of the XXI century

Such a dream foreshadows the unpaid labor of the scandal. But there is a positive interpretation, what dreams straw. In the dream to see a whole load of dried herb — to make love in nature.

Woman this dream foretells that, having found a favorite thing, she will be saved from loneliness.

The interpretation of Dmitry and Hope Winter

These well-known astronomers believe that to dream of the sheaves of hay to encounter falsehood. Straw items — it is your incorrect opinion about anything.

Skird some straw, seen in a dream, means that you should not rely on partners, the failure of the case. But the blazing dried grass promises a sudden flash of insight, ideas that will help to resolve the issue.

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