Belt in a dream – what a dream

The interpretation of dreams in different dream books is very different: the strap can symbolize as good luck in personal relations and the difficulty or separation. It all depends on the actions you made with the strap in the dream.

Autumn dream interpretation

dream interpretation seat belt

Dream interpretation belt — interpretation

Such a dream warns you that you show to other people excessive severity. Try to be loyal and patient. Austerity at this moment will do only harm.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in the dream you were busy cleaning the metal plates on your favorite strap, this suggests that you have a high probability to become dependent on other people. Your negligence just brings such a course of events. Be careful not to fall victim to the insidious and evil people who want to cash in on you. Take care of yourself.

Esoteric dream book

Belt in a dream – evidence of your passivity and lack of independence in real life. Be active, take action, move forward. Remember that there is a way out of any situation. Do not expect help and support from others, you are the master of your own destiny. If the belt is buckled tight, you have a tendency to suicidal thoughts. You need to take on the mind, to dismiss such nonsense, find friends, enjoy Hobbies and live a normal full life.

Erotic dream book

What dreams strap is a indication that you are prone to masochism in love. The trouble is that you are in doubt, not knowing whether to tell your partner or hide it. If you gave a belt as a gift, it shows that your open mystery will be perceived adequately. Your partner would normally react to such recognition and will not break off relations.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

If the dream of a girl wearing a skirt graceful strap, she soon successfully marry. Remove the belt – separation from loved ones. To dream belts for men’s trousers – to the difficulties and poor experiences. You may need to limit the costs due to lack of funds.

The Dream Miller

If the man had in the dream, to admire its fashionable and beautiful belt, so be careful. On his way will meet a beautiful stranger who will turn his head and use it to their advantage. The poor will be left with nothing, losing everything achieved well-being. If the belt was old and outmoded, then you are a very rude person, for which he will suffer deserved punishment.

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