Saw a storm in the dream – what does it mean?

What you dream of storm? This dream symbolizes feelings for love relationships or problems at work. A more detailed explanation of offer popular dream books.

What dreams storm

What dreams storm

English dream interpretation

Storm is considered an adverse sign. If the storm had a man in love with a woman, he will have to fight for her attention with other men, but in the end his choice to stay with him. The storm also foreshadows the intrigue, the gossip at work, you try to survive from the team.

Psychological dream dictionary

Storm in a dream foretells the onset in the life difficult period. At work there is a all hands on deck, you have to exert a lot of effort to prove your worth as an employee. Family life can also cause problems – jealousy, resentment, misunderstanding with your partner. This period will be difficult for your marriage.

Common dream interpretation

Seen storm warns you of danger, but you manage to avoid it, if you’re careful. To see a storm, but being away from her, you will see the person you can trust.

Watch as the storm gradually subsides, to resolve contentious issues in your favor. If you dream you are trying to hide from the storm, you got a strong enemy, which is secretly afraid.

A modern dream book

By dream, foretells the tempest tests in all spheres of life. To be in the center of the storm – you will cause offense to someone, but after a while you make peace. To see the raging element of the hurricane – this dream to ill-health or change of residence.

Had, as a storm broke all around them – will be a trouble that will affect your family. To suffer from a storm in a dream – you faced problems at work.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

You saw the storm suggests that soon you will harm people with power.

Esoteric dream book

To suffer from a storm – you’d be upset close people, to see a storm with thunder and lightning – you embroiled in a Scam, and you will lose a lot of money. Also storm is a dream to parting with a loved one, married people such a vision portends a divorce. Storm may be a reflection of your feelings related to your inner world: are you unhappy with your character, would like to get rid of specific traits. You may be trying to become a more organized person, but all the time something interferes. Keep trying, and your efforts will be crowned with success.

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