Had a storm dream interpretation

Storm is one of the most formidable phenomena of nature. In real life not everyone can become an observer of such natural disaster, but in dreams everything is possible. In many dream books a storm at sea was interpreted as a prototype of future losses, the failures, the collapse of plans and hopes.

What dreams storm dream interpretation

What dreams storm dream interpretation

Summer dream

If you dream you saw the storm, get ready for a series of failures in your life. But as the storm phenomenon short, this period is a relatively short period of time.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The storm in the dream is a serious warning and often have trouble and trials. Your quiet and peaceful life will come to an end. Will have to throw all forces on struggle with the arisen obstacles. If you dream you are watching a specific person in distress at sea, be prepared to help him. It suffered serious problems, and he hopes for your help, support and sympathy.

If you are caught in a difficult situation among the elements, it says that you people are very secretive. Nobody even knows what passions, emotions and desires hidden behind your calm, focused and solid. The reason for this behavior lies in the fact that you are not happy with your life and do not want that others knew about it.

Women’s dream book

Get caught in a storm – a harbinger of misfortune, grief and loss.

Esoteric dream book

In this dream the storm means violent public events. If you were an observer standing on the Bank, it will not affect you or your family. If you were on a ship or boat and the sea began to worry, this will play a huge role in your life. If you were saved in the dream, your wealth and position in society remains the same. Drowning is left with nothing.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Gale and strong excitement at the sea – unfortunately. You have to go through a strong emotional shock or stress.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Storm in a dream – wait for a painful loss. You’ll have to take hard tests. To escape at any cost in stormy seas to struggle with serious illness. To observe the loss of life among the foaming waves – someone in your family gets sick. If you dream that you walk along the coast after a storm, you will be the lucky one. At this time, and troubles will bypass you party. If the storm was so strong that damaged your house on the beach, your friends betray you in difficult times.

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