What dream stones?

In a dream you can see many items that are in the subconscious. If your dream is clearly evident stone, then this article will help you to understand the meanings of this symbol and tell us what dream stones.

Sleep stones

Something to dream about stones?

Women’s dream book

Depending on their size and number, stone predicts trouble. If the stone is a protection to you – in life you can fend off problems, and will protect them from the law. The stone is thrown to someone, following – thanks to your warning, someone from the environment will get a chance to avoid problems.

Russian folk dream interpretation

The image of stone subconscious transformerait all of your worries and problems that burdened you.

A modern dream book

This dream book interpreted in such a way that the stones are seen in dreams to difficulties of all kinds.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A dream in which there are stones, foreshadows sleeping hard work. But if it’s not just stone, and some construction, such as brick work can be fraught with considerable danger.

The movement of large stone portends family well-being. Sitting on the stone – you can expect significant developments, lying on the stone will have good luck. Sprinkled with fine stones at the road – safely avoid trouble, especially home. Seen logs predicts success, but if the logs are broken, you will lose a friend. Pebbles foretells you boring little interest in society.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

To dream of stones indicates a subconscious desire to arrange a holiday, but one where you have to relax and plenty to do those things which in ordinary life you forbid yourself.

The stone seen on the road, for men symbolizes the entire fallacy of his belief that in love Affairs it is a great success, woman, the dream suggests that in the sexual life needs to be less stiff and more often to give rein to their imagination.

A thrown stone suggests sleeping to put them once the resentment and the desire of the offender to revenge. If you throw a stone – that the offense caused to you, however, do not try to retaliate, you just waste your strength.

Dream interpretation of psychologist Miller

A dream where there are stones, marks the great troubles and turmoil. If you dream hard road, which runs among stones with the same difficulty will progress your business. Dream of hard work at the mine – to wait for obtaining the desired after numerous works. Throw a stone into a villain in the dream signifies the overcoming of someone’s intrigues against you in real life.

Esoteric dream book

You had a crossroads with a stone – subconscious mind indicates that you need to choose the situation that is you now. Just a stone – wait for the difficulties in promoting your plans. Tombstone gives a hint on what you need to take care of their health. A stone with inscriptions reminds us that we need to honor the memory of deceased relatives.

Erotic dream book

Attempt to move the great stone should not try to over show your partner your talents in the sexual sphere, now is not the time. Different stones symbolize trouble, it is possible that will begin to deteriorate your relationship with your partner.

Dream interpretation for lovers

With sleep rocks – a harbinger of disputes and relationship problems. Trying to hunt in the rocks will be happy with the choice in the end. You abandoned stone need not give to make the choice unnecessary thing to do.

Dream interpretation health

Stones this dream book treats as a bringer of disease, the larger the stone, the more serious the disease. Do work with stones, trim, stack, etc. – your condition will start to improve. Throw the rock to the stress, the same means and when the stone is thrown at you, that’s the only thing in this case is much more serious.

What dream gold-stones

The collection of such gems – you have to search for assistants for the important things. Throw these stones will refuse selfless help. Wet stones made of gold – you will get a decent income, but only after hard work. Golden stone as a gift – will have to remake already made.

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