What have the stolen money?

The dream that stole the money, points for the coming hardships and losses. The magnitude of loss to judge the severity of future problems. You should brace yourself and be prepared to overcome difficulties.

Sleep stole the money

In the dream, I stole the money


Stolen in the dream money is not a good sign. If the abducted minor coins, you can expect a little trouble – a family quarrel, misunderstanding friends, disappointment in a loved one. Loss bills warns of the probability of financial failure or health problems. Better to be safe and complete examination doctors.

Remembering the details of dreams, you will understand what the dream that stole the money. If the thief is your boss or colleague, be careful: in reality possible trouble at work, dismissal. Stolen wallet? Your financial wellbeing is under threat. Prepare in advance to survive the financial crisis without nervous shocks.


You stole money in your sleep and feel remorse? You shouldn’t feel bad: it’s only a sign that real life is not enough bright emotions or friends. Embark on a journey of your favorite Hobbies, fall in love! A little change of scenery – and the situation will change for the better.

When a close friend in the dream was a thief, do not rush to suspect him of treason. Perhaps he desperately needs your attention. Remember how long you talked? Talk to him, learn about issues, give a helping hand. Time to say a good word – man will go forward in spite of adversity.


The situation in the dream when you have stolen documents and money, requires careful revision. Important details: where and how loss occurred. This is especially true of ladies. Maybe subconscious hints that you are too trusting. Be careful in transport, do not leave the purse in the car.

The theft occurred in your home? The family would get into trouble. Protect your loved ones, especially children and elderly relatives. Just don’t worry too much: a little stress control, or rather think about your actions and all the hardships will pass. Don’t let the fears in your life!

Lost in a dream of money – the warning of possible failure in the work. Carefully check the contracts and accounts, avoid dubious transactions, do not risk in vain. All incoming information must pass through the filter of doubt. In this case, you will preserve and multiply their achievements in business.

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