Dream stockings! What?

How to interpret a dream where you can see the stockings?

sleep Panahi

Dream stockings: what size would fit me?

Women’s dream book

In this dream stockings symbolize the image of a man who spends time in vain. A girl can dream torn stockings, will speak on the accusations of frivolity of the dreamer. Beautiful clean stockings dream in order to warn the person and get him to be more cautious. When the sleeping girl had been able to consider myself white stockings, it to illness or disappointment.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti A.

This interpreter of dreams stockings serve as a symbol of the negative, which is related to sexual urges. Perhaps a man needs sex and wants to master his sexual partner.

Gypsy dream book

If you had stockings that you wear, it is a sign of poverty in real life. Thin cotton stockings or woven – in reality your financial condition will be mediocre. To wear woolen stockings to joy and prosperity, and to remove them – to sadness and poverty. If you sleep ripped and torn stockings, then this dream may warn about troubles, poverty or the death of a loved one.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Depending on the day, when you had this dream, stockings can have different meanings. In principle, this garment speaks of the dissolute company of friends with whom you like to spend really time. A dream where ripped stockings worn on the legs, can characterize you as a frivolous person. If the vision came to you in the night of Saturday, there is a high probability that you will part with your loved one because of the gossip of foes. Wearing white stockings in the night to Sunday or Thursday to hard work.

French dream book

Stockings can dream as a symbol of money. Silk – to a small and short-term luck, and cotton – to a small income. The dreamer, which is absorbed in a dream and wears stockings, in real life it’s pointless to spend the money. If he removes them, he’ll make me rich ago. Stockings full of holes – the appearance of wealth is deceptive. So characterized by this dream. Stockings not bring good luck into reality.

Esoteric dream book

Stockings or tights symbolize a person’s mood. You naughty lady, who does not hold back his emotions. To put new thing in a dream – rejoice in the reality you all indulge. If the dirty stockings, the patience of others will soon burst and you all will remember.

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