What a dream to sew

Sew in a dream – what could it be? Many commentators consider sewing a bad sign. Dream is to poverty, conflicts and diseases. Maybe it’s not so bad. Perhaps you just haven’t realized the talent of the famous couturier. Let’s see what will tell popular dream books.

What a dream sewing in the dream?

What a dream sewing in the dream?

Small dream book of Veles

Such dreams always mean intrigue, and related concerns.

Folk dream interpretation

To sew clothes on to deterioration of your health. Sewing other people’s things – to charm any man.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Your life due to some unpleasant situation broke into pieces. And now you need to collect them and to decide how and with whom to be on. Prick your finger when sewing needle – for the dangerous stranger.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Sewing is always a dream to prosperity in family life and home coziness.

Dream interpretation-horoscope

If you get in a dream for the sewing machine – a good sign. In the near future will solve all problems of concern to you.

Esoteric dream book

What a dream to sew clothes? You have the ability to manual labour by which he could earn. To handle large fabrics, for example, to make curtains – heralds the growth of professional skills. If you dream of a stranger Kravets, you will be invited to participate in the preparation of the big event. Such work will enhance your credibility and strengthen reputation.

Erotic dream book

One who sews clothing dream, soon will get a sexual partner is much more excitable than the current and resourceful. A new acquaintance will grow into a strong relationship, perhaps in marriage.

If in your dream sewing someone else, it is a warning about the gossip because of your erotic adventures.

Oriental dream book

Production of the new beautiful clothes a dream to purchase property and build a happy family.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

If in the dream you are busy sewing, expect hassle and bustle due to changes in life. According to this dream book, sew bright clothes with great fabrics – positive changes. Hemming an old, ugly clothes – trouble and adversity. They can be caused by a quarrel with close people. If you restrain yourself, the adverse effects of sleep can be avoided.

The dream dictionary from A to z

To see myself sewing in a dream symbolizes emotional instability. Keep yourself in hand, otherwise you will make serious enemies.

For the bride to sew a dress in a dream or see how it makes the dressmaker – the recognition of the beloved disinterested. Try just stitched a thing and to enjoy its quality to the generous reward from a person occupying a high position.

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