Dreaming beautiful stars — what does it mean?

Watch the stars – a pleasant spending time. And what have the stars? Is the answer different interpreters.

dream interpretation-star

Dream interpretation what dream star

A modern dream book

When in the dream was watching a five-pointed star, you will find a happy life and good fortune. Hexagonal promises experiences and hardships. Seven pointed to the fulfillment of your dreams. Before receiving the news – that’s what dream star in the amount of one or more pieces. When the stars in the dream there were many, in reality, you have chosen the right path and easily achieve the target. Different brightness of the stars promise success in any endeavor. Dim star in a dream predict some bad moments in life, and grief because of them. Beheld, as in a dream, a fallen star? Expect a fleeting joy. To dream the stars in your own hands – in reality, you can expect to receive great wealth. Starfall seen the girl promises to familiarity with the mate.

Women’s dream book

For the interpretation of stars shining brightly with promise excellent health and success in all matters. Stars that differ by a dim, foreshadow unfortunate events in later life. Will be a sad reflection if seen in a dream, like a star fell or broke. When in the dream, a star fell on you, there will be a serious loss in the family. When in a dream the stars have made revolutions around the Earth, in reality the high risk of catastrophes on a global scale.

Small dream book of Veles

The stars according to this interpreter can dream to have children, good news, the future of fun, getting cash quick or visits from distant relatives. The stars portend a clear success and a happy life. Faint stars predict failures and sorrows. See evening star – to build an empty love relationship. When the stars fell – the possible death of a good man. The star that is in the dream tail, in reality portends quarrels and wars. When you had to see a burning star in a dream can die a close friend.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

By dream star associated with negative events. This dream can become a mark of avoiding many of the problems that much torment.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

For this interpreter the stars symbolize as a movement in the future and avoid the existing problems. Such a dream can predict the birth of a baby. Bright shining stars promise success in everything. And faded predict trouble and different ailments.

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