What have women’s spirits?

Spirits in a dream – to pleasant emotions, meetings with loved ones, enjoyment. For girls, this dream can mean a new relationship. Perhaps you have a secret admirer, and make a confession.

Perfume in a dream

Dream women’s perfume in a dream

Spring dream interpretation

Smell perfume for men to communicate with Flirty lady, flirting. For women will experience, pleasant communication, sympathy. To dream of spirits, to stay for a while, if you buy a bottle – famous for the big spender. You need to be more frugal, to save money and not spend them in vain.

Children’s dream book

Dream spirits will come a surge of energy. Pleasant smells symbolize the desire to plunge into the romance, fall in love, is the awakening of body and senses. Sees such a dream, I miss affection, tenderness and warmth. He needs to start a new life, find your soul mate, to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day. Such people tend to pleasant nostalgia for the past, older people to plunge into the world of memories, friend of youth, youth.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Perfume simply to see, to give to the failures. Buying perfume in the store – a pleasant chores. To hear a nice perfume – your secret Dating or cheating will emerge, and there will be a scandal. Don’t be reckless, consider your frivolous steps that can destroy your happiness. To obtain the gift of the spirits – wait for the good news, perhaps someone is preparing a surprise for you. Cologne in a dream – soon there will be changes in your life, there will be new companion (companion), will be having an affair, that may develop into a relationship for life.

Esoteric dream book

To wear, to smell, to smell the infection, watch your health.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of Cologne – it will be a long journey, in which there will be a new acquaintance, romantic adventure. Also dream means a change of views, updating of the project.

People’s dreams

Women’s perfume in a dream is a warning about the disease. You should pay more attention to their health, do not be nervous, avoid stressful situations, which may cause boredom and easy to bring to a deep depression, a serious illness.

What perfume in your sleep you choose – with a pleasant or an unpleasant odor, depends on the interpretation. Bad aroma – trouble, good to change for the better, meeting a nice young man, a romantic acquaintance.

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