To dream of sperm, dream interpretation

Dreams – a reflection of our desires, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes in night dreams we see unusual things, which we little thought in everyday life. For example, many young interpreters of dreams may be wondering what it means to see the cum and related things. In most cases, semen is a good sign, which means fertility, the emergence of fresh ideas and plans.

What a dream cum in your sleep?

What a dream cum in your sleep?

A modern dream book

If you dream you pass semen for artificial insemination, in reality you are concerned about the idea of the meaninglessness of life, you’re not afraid to leave behind a trace. Don’t worry: these concerns have no grounds, you will succeed.

Dream about the sperm that was left on the bed – trouble. For men it means having a serious competitor in love, for lady – a possible problem because of the fleeting affair.

If the ejaculation occurs unnaturally slowly, beware: enemies will accuse you of all sins. If the act occurred in a public place, you will be able to implement the plans.

If semen has, like the fountain, you should talk about their thoughts and feelings to your loved one. If the biological product unnatural color or smell, you are worried about the health of the second half.

Erotic dream book

The interpretation of dreams, in which there is seminal fluid, depends on their General background and mood. Important details: he semen it color and odor, which is directed its flow.

To dream of sperm to fresh ideas that will help you to solve the accumulated problems.

The secretion of seminal fluid – a symbol of thinking about anything, the building plans, the birth of fresh ideas. Very important direction of the spout of a biological product depends on it, will lead your plans to success.

If in your dream the sperm can not lead, in reality you’re looking for a way out. Accept the fact that you are still powerless to change the status quo.

Horoscopes by date of birth

To dream of sperm is neither good nor bad sign. The final interpretation of this symbol depends on in what month was born.

If your birthday falls in the summer months, my semen is interpreted as the inability to conceive a child and feelings about it.

If you are born in the autumn, the dream of a biological product means talking about rape.

If you were born in the spring, then the dream foretells about sperm possible infidelity of your second half. Be careful.

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