To dig in a dream shovel

Dreams are not only a reflection of our thoughts and feelings in reality, but predictors of the future. Even the most simple item can mean a lot. So, shovel, appeared in night dreams, promises hard work, success or news. Everything depends on the content and characteristics of dreams.

What dream shovel in the dream, dream interpretation

What dream shovel in the dream, dream interpretation

Erotic dream book

A dream about a spade – a warning that your persistence and stormy temperament may alienate the partner and deliver his displeasure and lead your pair to separation. If in your dreams you dig, be prepared for the unusual and very pleasant sexual adventures.

Autumn dream interpretation

To dig in a dream with a spade to prepare other plots. Sometimes this dream foretells failure and death.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dig the ground to harvest.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you’re dreaming of a shovel, you will achieve material prosperity. However, be careful and do not trust the secrets of others.

If you bought the tool, prepare for dismissal if you hit them, expect infidelity.

To dig the earth in the dream, a shovel and lots of work in reality. Don’t be too persistent, your efforts are unlikely to appreciate.

Bury any subject is to learn the unexpected news.

To participate in the excavations, to make new friends that will help you improve your financial situation.

Dream bitches

Even if you are sick of long work, do your best to complete it.

The dream dictionary From A to z

If you see a shovel in night dreams, make sure to bring the begun business to end. Otherwise you will face financial difficulties.

If a garden tool is broken, then you’re in trouble or sad news. If you beat them with somebody, your beloved is wrong.

A dream where you dig with a shovel viscous clay in the ground, bad sign. Your enemies are waiting for the moment to fine-tune the plots. If you treat the beds in your garden, you are waiting for success and prosperity.

A shovel to dig the grave – to the rupture of friendly relations or a breakup with a loved one.

Find in the earth the treasure – in reality to get what you want.

Dream Interpretation Freud

The great psychiatrist was considered a garden tool with a symbol of the male sexual organ. If the shovel dreaming man, he thinks of sexual pleasures. If the subject saw the lady, in her struggle of female and male beginning.

Dream Interpretation Dmitry Winters

The spade is a symbolic designation of a hassle. To see her in night dreams – in reality to solve many cases, be worries. If the total meaning of a dream is favorable, the work will bring a positive result.

If a tool broke, you are avoiding important issues. This can cause problems in the future.

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