What a dream space

To conquer the vastness of space is incredibly interesting. And what does a dream in which you saw the space? The answer To this question will give a different dream books.

What a dream space, dream interpretation

What a dream space, dream interpretation

Family dream book

He saw himself in the dream in outer space – in reality you will communicate with your friends.

If you dream you felt a sense of fear that began meeting with friends is suddenly interrupted by a message to your colleague.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

In the dream space represents spiritual growth and learning new things.

To fly among the stars in space – in reality means a huge ego, which will lead to failure in all aspects (Affairs, personal life, work).

Do not think that you are interested in business soon will succeed – that’s what dream space and the universe.

When in the dream you were an observer of how launched from the Baikonur space ship, and suddenly it explodes and burns down – so the world is waiting for global cataclysms.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

In this dream, everything you dreamed a dream (connected to space) is only a projection of your mental ideas about the world and reasoning.

You are mired in the routine of Affairs – that’s what dreams space, you see, and think about the universe.

Often this dream can become a harbinger of dreams and spiritual growth.

Also space may be beyond their wildest dream as a personification of the riskiness of human nature and thrust of human adventure stories.

Spring dream interpretation

In the dream space, where you are, it foretells a not very pleasant situation. You can also get in decent trouble, out of which would be very difficult.

Saw in dreams the cosmodrome with missiles and other equipment – in reality fall into an unfamiliar environment where you will be in danger.

Autumn dream interpretation

When in the dream you were on the launch pad of the spaceport and saw how to launch rockets, – in reality you are dreaming of unusual.

Journey into space on a space ship promises fulfillment of the cherished desires. But this dream can talk about the desire to escape from anything or anyone. It is important to consider the purpose of the journey that stands before you in a dream.

In the dream was in outer space – in reality you wish to experience new emotions, to travel or to gain new knowledge.

When you were in open space, be careful, because in front of you will soon be at risk.

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