Dream interpretation what dream cream?

What heralds in the dream cream?

What a dream cream, dream interpretation

What a dream cream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

Sour cream so that your guilt. If you dream that you eat it, the problem will be able to get out of the situation will be released. You will again return to the confidence of others. Spilled on the floor sour cream in a dream – to trouble and humiliation. Just have to endure just in order not to lose the result of their labor.

Ukrainian dream book

This dream cream, so expect a profitable business, unexpected income.

Spring dream interpretation

Had the dense consistency of sour cream – will be able to get a decent profit.

Culinary dream book

If you dream that you are in as a main dish and without bread to eat sour cream, you can buy in reality the problems associated with the digestive system.

Dream Interpretation Morozova

Is cream or thick cream in dreams – a good income. For girls it can also mean a speedy conclusion of the marriage Union.

Dream Interpretation Longo Yu.

What a dream cream, it is possible to learn from the interpretations of this dream. If you think that you eat it in pleasure, in real life, your desire for fulfillment of their needs exceeds the call of duty; which is higher than the duties. Your life is not as it should. You put things for later, thinking that with time everything will fall into place. Should be more careful, because the clock is ticking and we have to catch up. Those who even manages to buy sour cream, I did not manage to relax in reality. Perhaps you should relax, despite all the obligations and business skills. Most often your help just enjoy, and you used to pay.

Esoteric dream book

Sour cream is always a symbol of wealth. In this dream spilled sour cream that eats the cat, is treated as a special occasion or a trip to visit.

Small Veles

Sour cream may dream to do good, and love to see sour cream before the wedding.

A modern dream book

To see the thick consistency of sour cream, which is difficult even to mix, in close friendships, pleasant conversation with family. If the dreamer is watching as he’s eating it, it’s a big risk in real life, losing friends, overconfidence. You should be more attentive to friends. If sour liquid, we should expect a conflict, a quarrel with a loved one.

Dream interpretation health

A dream in which clearly visible sour cream on the table, is interpreted as the improvement in health status. This product is a sign of happiness.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Sour cream in a dream foretells a quick success in business, profits, or marriage for the lovers.

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