What dreams sound

Beautiful or horrible sounds you can hear in the dream? What they might mean, tells of different dreams.

The sound in my sleep

The sound in my sleep

A modern dream book

In the dream you heard the human voice have hope.

Sounds songs predict a happy mood and future friendship.

Quiet sound in a dream foretells you the evil machinations of enemies. Vowel sounds – getting the desired profit.

When you hear a clear rumble of the large number of people in the near future, you will take part in the talks only as a listener.

Accidental combination of circumstances in a positive way – that’s what dreams major sound. Minor sounds promise the support of friends and excellent health.

When in the dream you heard the chords in front of you waiting for a good cohabitation.

The sound of music, which delight your ears with pleasant notes, predict a variety of benefits and considerable popularity.

Sounds majestic promise you a reliable friendship and great wealth.

In the dream the guitar sound heralds a pleasant society in which you will meet your old friend. The sound of the harp promises the disappointing end of things. The sound of the organ portend the tedious work or the loss of friends.

Had a round of applause in your honor – get huge profit or an incredible pleasure from anything.

To the prosperity and prosperous life – that’s what dreams the sound of power tools.

Growl or cries of wild animals threatened with danger. Sounds of Pets is also predicting some unpleasant chores.

When you dream you heard the shot, in reality perpetrated actions will only bring harm rather than benefit.

Symbolic dream interpretation

To hear unpleasant sounds in the dream to the reality of bad news and unpleasant moments in life.

Beautiful and pleasant to the ear sounds foretell happy events and positive outcome of any case.

If you heard in a dream the sound of water, feel how fast time flies.

Something hissed in a dream – means that you have to take part in the scandal, or feel the danger.

Gusts of strong wind in a dream portend awake in vain excitement or anxiety.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Bad and unpleasant to the ear sounds (grinding, scraping, scratching) hold the promise of gossip and a bad influence.

Chinese dream interpretation

Bell predicts the arrival of a man from a far country.

If the sounds loud, wait for the imminent happiness and prosperous life.

When you dream you heard a drum roll, soon you can expect happiness and joy.

Saw the drum, but the sounds are not heard – so a possible disaster.

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