What does a dream in which you see the human soul: dream interpretation

Family dream book

In many dream books, the soul separated from the body, is interpreted as evidence of internal conflict between ego and spirit. Man saw in a dream his own soul, will be faced with a difficult choice, which will depend on his fate. The souls of dead people, often come in dreams to warn of danger or to support in a difficult minute.

Dream interpretation of the soul

What dream that you see a man’s soul

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If a person sees in a dream his soul – so he is nobility and integrity in relations with others. If you dream you see yourself disembodied Ghost, the reality of the danger for their own selfish desires, pettiness and stupidity. Such a dream warns of the responsibility for their actions.

The loss of soul – evidence of missed opportunities and regret about it. If the soul moves away from you, it is an occasion to reflect on the correctness of decisions. Drain soul dreams of people who have unfulfilled desires and unmet goals. Dark soul warns about the presence of enemies ready to kill you.

The soul of the deceased in a dream can warn of danger, especially if during the life of this person was close to you. If soul asks you for something, it means it is in need of commemoration. It is advisable to go to Church and light a candle for the person whose soul you saw in the dream.

The souls of your children or parents, if they lack your attention and care. If you dream you see your friend as the soul leaves the body, it is possible, you will receive the news of his illness or death.

You should always listen to what the soul is trying to tell or show. Perhaps it will help to avoid serious danger or error in making important decisions.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

A vision of his own soul – an indicator of the piety of a person, his decency and mercy. To see how the soul leaves your body – then waking to face with mortal danger. Maybe you will test in the form of a serious illness.

If you dream you care about the salvation of his soul, in reality you will have to turn to God, and only in this case you will find harmony and peace of mind.

Oriental dream book

In the East the dissenting opinion about what a dream the soul of man. Eastern sages believe that the night of the soul travels to other worlds and getting there knowledge that people can use in reality.

Therefore, they are advised to listen to what advises the soul in sleep. For interpretation of the Oriental dream books to a sick person seen soul promises quick recovery.

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