To dream of son

Those who have their own children, cares deeply about them. The love and connection between parents and children is so great that reaches the subconscious level. It is therefore not surprising that children are often in a dream to his parents. But sometimes such visions and dreams to those who have no children. How to understand these dreams? Consider what it means to dream son.

Sleep sin

Dream on son, what do you mean?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

According to the interpretation of this source, the son in dreams symbolizes the beginning of a happy period of life characterized by the perception of your ideas all around him, as well as success in all your endeavors. If the son is in the night vision of the mother, it can be a sign that the child lacks attention.

If a child is sick, it is a sign of misery, but this does not mean that they will deal with the son. This dream also is a symbol of the unfulfilled life plans of the mother and a harbinger of what is a good time for self-realization.

If the son in the dream are naked, it promises love and understanding in the family, success in various spheres of the child. This dream also predicts that successful period will be long enough.

If you dream of a strange naked boy, it means that your sex life lacks innovation.

To dream of the dead son is considered auspicious. This dream portends favorable events associated with the family. Most likely, this vision foretells the birth of a baby or the marriage of close relatives.

If you dream of the son of man who does not awake, this dream foretells success in all spheres of life: enjoy material well-being, career success, good health and a loving family.

Women’s dream book

If a woman has a dream, a son in which she sees obedient, cute and healthy, it promises plenty of reasons to be proud of, and the ability to take a high position in society or in a career area. If the son in the women’s vision was suffering or sick, it is a harbinger of misfortune.

The plot of the dream in which the child found himself on the bottom of the well and asks for help, warns about the band’s troubles and problems. But if you managed to save him in the dream, failure will be a party. However, this vision will still be seen as a warning to be careful and not to risk unnecessarily.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

According to this dream book, the son who went in the dream is the Herald of discord, divorce or other misfortunes in the family. The image of a son to childless people symbolize relationships with loved ones and their development.

If in the dream the child dies, the family is waiting for joy and peace. Sometimes this dream to the fact that soon the son will begin to live independently.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy

The image of the happy son in a dream, according to the source, interpretation of dreams, is a harbinger of health, happiness and success for the child and for someone who had a dream.

To dream of a boy suffering warns about troubles and troubles. To see my son for those who don’t have children, foretells a happy marriage or recognition of your success.

French dream book

According to this dream book, the son, was in dream means that you will find a lot of complex work that requires great patience and lots of your effort.

If you had a son and daughter, know this: close the joy will be short-lived, and after it will replace the sadness. If in the dream you discuss with someone your son — this dream is a harbinger of losses.

Online dream book

In a dream to give birth to a son, according to this source, symbolizes that you will be able to cope with his troubles, if you make all the effort. If you dream you are worried about your son, you will learn something were not aware of previously. To see the adult son of a small — heralds the beginning of a new period, significant changes in all spheres of life.

Beat son in a dream — a good sign. After seeing such dream, you will surely achieve high results in current Affairs. If such a vision is dreaming entrepreneurs, it’s a sign that you can safely undertake any financial transactions or enter into contracts.

To look for in a dream son — means physical and mental fatigue, apathy, not allow you to work in full force. If the son of man dream, it portends prosperity, position in society, the transition to a new job or a raise at the office.

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