What a dream sofa?

Surely many of you sofa is associated with relaxation and TV. What a dream sofa, tell different interpreters.

a sleeper sofa

A sleeper sofa, what dreams?

A modern dream book

When in a dream you saw an attractive and quality made sofa, you should be wary of someone else’s envy. When in the dream you have purchased a sofa, in fact, can achieve a better financial situation and gain the thing which had long dreamed of. Sitting in the sofa dream means that in reality there are many troubles that will be connected with the treason absolutely loved ones. Sleep is also a warning about the danger that can come from strangers. To the dismay of their material well-being – that’s what having a sofa that is in someone else’s home. When you have seen the dirty and torn sofa in the dream, so in fact your reputation is threatened, and some problem situations can get out of balance.

Family dream book

In the sleeper sofa, which was laid out for sleep, promises sexual intercourse with an unknown partner. Dream from Saturday to Sunday, the dream indicates that this man you never in your life will not encounter. Purchase sofa predicts the development of disease in a loved one. When you saw in the dream, as threw a blanket on the couch, then soon you will find only peace and tranquility. If you cut the upholstery of the sofa, you are missing some experiences and emotions, but you want someone to meet you.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Beheld the sofa in a dream? Wait, in reality, a career. But if you lay on it, the promotion is not expecting you and the other person. Had the latest leather sofa? So, you will experience great happiness in romantic relationships. When the sofa in the dream were terminated or made of imitation leather, you will bypass the benefits provided for the whole team.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

According to sleeper, sofa can represent laziness and a great desire to go on vacation.

Dream Interpretation Freud

This sleeper sofa symbolizes the womb. In the dream, you had to lie or sit on the sofa you wish to depart from many of the problems that surround you constantly. Beheld what they saw the sofa was empty? In fact, you wish to retire and to hide their thoughts. When the sofa was a dog or a cat, in reality you do not carry children. If what he saw was a couch with beautiful pillows, so you aspire to chat and quite pleased with themselves.

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