What a dream in which you see the socks?

The interpretation of the dream in which you saw the socks can be different. Great importance is the action that was carried out with the socks in the dream. Consider in more detail the interpretation of dreams.

Socks in a dream

What does it mean to see the socks in my sleep

Children’s dream book

Socks in a dream – to unpleasant situations. But don’t be discouraged: you can get out of it without losing their dignity and nobility.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you see socks, get ready for a long trip. If a woman saw in a dream that she buys socks, may hopes that her life will change is taking place (especially love relationships). Holey socks – happiness will not last long. Wear socks – you will come to money.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

If you saw dirty socks with holes, be prepared for gossip and scandals. If the socks were new and clean, spotless, others will support you and your intentions. Just socks – a signal that you need to act. Not to dream, and to take up the case.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

White socks having the disease. Pay attention to health. Your health needs to improve, otherwise you have a serious disease. The first symptoms of the disease is imperceptible, but it is important to find them right now.

If you see yourself in a dream in the socks is white, be careful. It is not necessary in the near future to go far from home, quarrel with someone or eat suspicious food.

If a woman sees white socks in the dream, it speaks of the purity of her soul. She is sincere and dedicated. Such a person is spiritually strong, but in everyday life, these same qualities can play a cruel joke. You need to be careful not to build relationships with suspicious people. They can find out from you the valuable information, and you because of their naivete and sincerity even realizing it.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If the girl dreamed that she washes other people’s socks, she’s going to be marriage. If men had women’s stockings, it is waiting for a romantic date. Men’s socks often dream to the road. If holey socks and old – problems will not keep itself waiting long.

Oriental dream book

If a man discovered in a dream that he had no socks, let them pay attention to their health. It is threatened by serious illness. If a woman sees in a dream that she was darning holey socks, then her whole life will pass in misery and poverty.

A modern dream book

Buy socks – to improve your financial situation. Holey socks to poverty. Sew up holey socks is a hopeful dream. Even if you’re down now doesn’t mean that it always will be. Over time this black strip will pass and your life will also be financial well-being.

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