To dream of snow

Very often in dreams people see snow. This image can have many meanings. They depend on who sees the dream as well as its plot.

What dream snow

What dream snow

Dream Meridian

Snow in a dream promises a lot of good news, events, emotions.

Women may be pointing to a nascent sexual attraction. Men also speaks of an enormous loving energy.

Family dream book

The dream book says that the presence of snow means that approaching, have fun, laugh.

A lot of snow in a dream, Blizzard, Blizzard — joy, success, white stripe in life.

Large flat space covered with snow, — the complete absence of any problems, trouble.

Melting snow warns that for a successful start new businesses need to complete old and to deal with your feelings.

Dirty snow — evidence that in real life there are people sending nasty gossip. These rumors can you believe that they will spoil the reputation and hinder career development.

To sweep away the snow with his palm — a large number of troubles which responsible are you for yourself. If the snow sweeps someone else and throws it on you or in your direction — the presence of a secret enemy, who is hiding under the mask of well-wisher.

Children’s dream book

What dreams snow? Someone from the family can show their bad side

Women’s dream book

Snow says that it is impossible to relax, the real challenges still lie ahead. To cope with them, must be carefully prepared.

Dirty snow often shows that soon you will have to show respect very unpleasant and arrogant person. It is possible that it will depend on some important things for you.

What dream of endless snow? Luck finally turns to face you.

Caught in a dream Blizzard — wait will soon be joyless news. They will not allow you to enjoy life and progress. If the dream repeats itself often — the bad news is already at your doorstep, but you did not yet suspect.

If you wander among the snowdrifts and I can not find a way, failures will be long.

There’s snow in the dream was a huge disappointment, the destruction of the familiar world.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Snow often talks about the fact that your life has no worries. You can be sure that the danger is not waiting for you in the future.

Falling snow can have different values. If watching him man, he needs urgently to reconcile with his beloved. Otherwise, the corresponding moment can be irretrievably lost. For women snowfall — a sign that she will be able not only to avoid financial difficulties, but also to remedy the situation.

Snow-capped peaks away, saying that we must act and wishes will come true.

If you climb to the top, in real life, you will succeed in what you are doing now.

If you are moving, knee-deep in snow against a strong wind — your difficult journey will be completed. At the end you will get long-awaited prize.

The Dream Miller

Snow is a sign that life goes on quietly and calmly. If you do not make any sudden movements, then these problems you have never encountered.

Buran is a symbol of sadness, deep disappointment. If you watch it from the side, problems can be avoided. If a disaster struck you and took, prepare for the worst.

Look at the snow from the window — an argument with a loved one. But the trouble does not come alone. Soon and financial difficulties.

Playing in the snow means litigation. And your opponent will be close relatives. Be careful: they are initially wrong, but very well prepared to make a surprise strike.

Sledding in sleep for men means promotion. The girl did expect that soon someone will want to take her beloved.

The American dream

Dream snow always means cleansing, renewal, a new start, beginning life with a clean page.

Italian dream

Snow is a symbol of the coldness of love and relationships.

To dream of snow — to be sure of your own purity and innocence. It is constantly afraid that others do not think so.

Dirty snow means that people see negative traits in your partner. Often he invents them. Sleep craves sexual experimentation, but are shy or afraid.

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