Had snails, dream interpretation

The snail – a creature that moves very slowly. Therefore, almost all the dream books dreams of a snail talking about passivity, procrastination and indecision. But in some cases the interpretation is favorable. The snail crawls slowly but calmly overcomes all the obstacles. In this case, it is a symbol of steady and slow progress.

What dream snail

What dream snail

Autumn dream interpretation

If you saw in a dream the snail, you have to listen to a lot of accusations that you are too closed bad contact with others. It’s true, so you need to be more sociable, talkative and open.

The American dream

These dreams suggests that you need to act and move. Laziness, caution, and passivity need to discard away.

Universal dream

Such dreams mean that one does not need to rush things. All the bad is behind us, and good it is necessary to go slowly but surely.

Dream Interpretation Freud

If you felt like a snail in the sink, you close to depression. Numerous stress do not go unnoticed, so take action.

Women’s dream book

If the snail has got you down and you accidentally crushed it, get ready for a meeting with unpleasant personalities. If you’re in a dream watching as a snail moves, know that you are in an unhealthy environment.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Snails in the dream, warn that we should not hurry and in a hurry to make important decisions. Now not the most favorable period for changes in life. If the snail is fully seated in the shell, it says that you took a wait and not know what to do. This is a warning to you that we must act.

If you dream you saw a huge snail on your path of life will meet an influential person. To dream of a snail for the edification of the horns – a warning to you that your new boss is suspicious to you. It promises you a number of trouble at work.

French dream book

Snail – strife in the family. If the dream of a snail crawling straight to you, expect obstacles in your business.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

What dream of a snail – to inaction. In your life soon will come the period, the main characteristics of which are passivity and laziness.

Gypsy dream book

The snail is a signal that you are moving in the wrong direction. At first glance you are all fine, but really you need to urgently change everything.

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