What dreams Smoking

Smoking in a dream is a type of idleness, relaxed state. If Smoking had the husband, this action can be interpreted as the absence of problems at work, inclination to prudence. In the psychology of Smoking is symbolic of oral eroticism, it can also indicate superego, especially if you had to use a cigar. What dreams Smoking?

What dream smoke in the dream?

What dream smoke in the dream?

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you are worried, as I don’t know what dreaming about Smoking, can breathe. This action provides for the peace, recovery from the disease means a tendency towards dreaminess. Such positive predictions are valid only in the case if Smoking a subject who had a dream.

Feeling the desire to smoke points to melancholy or even the imminent onset of boredom. When you see a smoker in a dream, get ready for a quick entry into respectable society, where you need courage and perseverance. To produce beautiful smoke cloud or even circles – you’ll soon be able to get a decent financial reward for their own imagination.

A negative value

If you decide to know what dream Smoking in the dream, remember the dream, not missing a beat. From the small details in the dream depends on his good or bad value.

Smoking pipe symbolizes a dangerous hobby. Look closely. When you have only to keep the cigarette in your mouth, this symbol foretells the loss of teeth. If you buy cigarettes, be prepared for the rapid change of impressions about the person you know well. Burned my lips with the cigarette – beware of treachery. Married people must look to his partner.

The possibility of occurrence of dangerous situations

Had to see the cigarettes should not easily accept new proposals or to accede to unfamiliar companies, as there is a risk to make a wrong choice of friends or business partners. If you lent someone a cigarette, it’ll be situation in which you will have to deceive the interlocutor. If you get a cigarette, it is likely that you will be deceived.

Smoking in the dream, usually portends sharply unpleasant events, but if you saw this dream, should be more attentive to their daily lives. It is possible that you will be able to find the path to enrichment, to rise through the ranks and in a timely manner to unravel the evil plans of the envious.

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