What a dream in which you see the smoke?

If you have dreams of smoke, is attentive to your hunches and be ready for the upcoming changes. In different dream books you can find different interpretations of such dreams, but they all talk about the importance of future events. Consider the interpretation of the most famous dream books. Idiomatic dream book defines smoke as a harbinger of future negative events. If they filled the room, it portends confusion in cases of confusion in the family may be frequent quarrels. Black smoke in a dream of pipes or furnaces can talk about future business activity, preparation is very important for you event.

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What does it mean to dream smoke

Women’s dream book

Smoke is considered to be evidence of the fears and doubts that prevent you to make plans and to restore peaceful atmosphere in the family. If you dream that the smoke surrounds and envelops you. is a warning that you are surrounded by flatterers or you do not tell the whole truth.

Small dream book of Veles

The study examines different interpretations of smoke. Generally it is considered a harbinger of a quarrel, gossip or mild disease. If smoky in the room is talking about the upcoming confusion on the street about disappointment. The smoke rises up to luck, spread along the ground – for failure. What dream of smoke without fire? Black smoke without a flame warn about the disease or about the obstacles in business.

In Russian folk dream book black smoke portends adverse change or impending separation from a loved one. If he winds a thin bluish stream is a hint of a nice romantic relationship.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Smoke without fire is considered a harbinger of quarrels out of nothing, without any real reason. White clubs say nothing about care, emotions will have no real reason. If the smoke is black, it speaks of future negative changes or the mistakes of others, for which you will have to pay.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

New dream interpretation of the XXI century says that black smoke heralds news and amazing news. If it fills the room and stops to breathe, it speaks about the doubts that do not allow you to implement his plan.

Great dream book argues that black smoke in a dream – a harbinger of scandal, and if it comes out of the tube, it portends trouble without any negative consequences.

Almost all interpretations of the smoke does not associated with any serious problems and big problems. Do not be afraid of such dreams, after all, any difficulties will soon be left behind.

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