What a dream little boy

Kids in real life – a source of hope and joy and trouble and unrest. What does a dream where you saw a small child? To help explain his dreams.

What a dream little baby

What a dream little baby boy

Dream Meridian

To see a newborn in a dream – a good sign, the news of the pregnancy, the solution of difficult problems, the implementation of a long-term project; for pregnant is a sign of easy childbirth.

A small child crying in the dream – the dream promises a bright event in life, rolled him in a wheelchair, get ready for an important trip.

Women’s dream book

To dream of a joyful, active, clean, child – you expect a strong friendship and reciprocity in love; crying – you are waiting for disappointment and health problems; and taking their first steps – you are independent and neglect the life platitudes and empty talk.

To nurse the baby in the dream to deceive from the closest person.

Keep on hand a sick child who is tormented by the fever, – to the sorrow and mental agony.

To take care of a little boy in a dream – a harbinger of opportunities and success in business.

Vedic dream interpretation

Baby cries in the dream – to the grief and sorrow.

To see a sick child, death in the family.

Chinese dream interpretation

To dream of a baby – much to family happiness; hug the child – to controversy and scandals, the death of a child – loud disputes.

Ukrainian dream book

What a dream of a small child: in a General sense, is a symbol of work, worries, wonders, fights and quarrels; fat – up to pleasant trouble, prosperity, good mood and well-being; skinny, whimsical – to a bitter trouble; dirty – the disease; nursing – long poverty; the baby – to the cares and troubles; the child is older to help; a lot of kids to worries and anxieties.

Give birth to the baby – to wealth; to feed a young woman to profit, old to serious illness and death.

Baby’s sleeping on his shoulders or holding hands man a son, the woman – wait the birth of her daughter.

French dream book

Children dream to good luck in business; to talk and have fun with them – to joy; hold your hand – the happy completion of an important or risky case.

Muslim dream interpretation

What a dream little baby: the sign of the dreamer – heralds joy, a stranger – a dream warns of worries and sorrows and the appearance of the enemy, but not dangerous adult in the image of a baby to commit an act for which you’re convicted.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy

Saw in a dream a small child – much to the surprise of; beautiful – joy; naked and filthy – to the conviction, an unexpected trouble; dead to the imminent disappointment and anxiety.

Your child had sandugachym – in fact, he is not in danger of the disease, possible but annoying trouble; seriously ill or dead – warning about the big issues, including health.

A modern dream book

What a dream little boy or girl: a young woman reflected the desire to have a baby; a cute, well-groomed, strong – the dream promises happiness, success, and reciprocity in love and strong friendship; crying – to the disappointment or poor health; illegal to gossip and gossip.

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