Dream interpretation: what dreams Slippers Slippers

Often a variety of shoes in a dream – a symbol of travel, but boots is not the slightest relationship. What could mean such a thing? Remember exactly what you did with this soft home shoes: bought, wore, gave, seen on other. Depends on the interpretation of dreams.

Slippers in a dream

Slippers in a dream: what’s under the bed and in the head

A modern dream book

To see the Slippers in a dream – to marry a man who doesn’t love you. Beware of this. Soon on your way you will meet a man, but he will be married, which will lead to gossip and scandals. If you dream that Slippers on the feet to attract the views of others, be prepared for bad reputation in reality.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

See also Slippers, if you have recently started a love affair threatens its completion. Sleep in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday or from Wednesday to Thursday, where you messed up home shoes, evidence of the impending shame. This can occur if you like to flirt with strangers.

French dream book

Stitched house shoes dream of a rich man, if he should fail. After seeing you will need to take care of their finances. Ordinary people that work for someone, or is it a dream promises prosperity and a comfortable existence in the future.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

This dream interpretation Slippers can position the woman expects familiarity with the not quite adequate husband. Relationship with him will bring nothing but trouble and misery. You will be very disappointed, and at parting did not happen because of the scandal, it is better to leave him first and not make contact.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Sometimes Slippers grese to the emergence of diseases in which you will be able to work only at home. For people in the age of this dream symbolizes an early retirement. White Slippers warn of the serious illness and often haunted to death.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Homemade shoes often dream about, when the body needs rest. In this case it is necessary to escape from the stranger and relax. To go out in Slippers on the street, filled with people, signifies that excessive carelessness in business may respond with shame for you.

Dream Interpretation M. Fedorovsky

Old Slippers grese until the return of the old debt, which you long forgotten. Buy this home shoes – for intrigue, and to give – to illness of relatives. If the gift you presented Slippers, soon expect signs of attention from a married man.

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