What dream are you sleeping?

Mysterious and not fully explored the realm of Morpheus strikes a stunning diversity of visions and images that arise from a sleeping man. Their interpretation give dreams that collect information on the basis of long-term observations and subsequent analysis. What does a dream seen in a dream, try to deal with the most popular sources.

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

In this dream book to sleep and then suddenly Wake up means that now it is possible to rely on their own intuition. Everything must be done to the voice of reason is not drowned out by your natural instinct and ability to foresee. The emergence of other sleeping people in the dream is a sign that your potential is not fully utilized and there is still a lot of potential that should be used.

Ancient dream interpretation

If you have to go to bed in the dream, it means that it is likely to be deceived by someone close or distant environment. To see myself sound asleep, portends great surprise, and when asleep the other person is a sign that you need to constantly remain vigilant. Trying to Wake a sleeping person is a call to prudence and caution.

Esoteric dream book

Interpretation, what a dream to sleep in a dream, from the point of view of esotericism as follows. Such a vision may indicate the willingness of the dreamer to get the necessary information through dreams and use it in everyday life. Before you go to sleep, you should say, what question would you like to know the answer. All seen need to try to remember and fix in the memory.

Dream interpretation of the past

When the sleeping person dreams that he is dreaming, so his life has kind of a hopeless situation. He is subconsciously trying to delay an important solution to this problem, because I’m not sure what the yield will be better. Sleep in your dream symbolizes a need to delay responsible decision-making.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

From the point of view of a famous psychologist, sleep in my own dreams means the vulnerability of an organism to external factors. In those moments, hardly able to defend themselves or their loved ones. Such bezoruzhnost and helplessness can cause anxiety, result or relief, or a desire to hurt other people.

The dreams of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

If during the dream comes the vision of what you are sleeping or going to bed, it means that your life lacks initiative and activity. Such a dream often symbolizes the inaction, passivity and inattention to detail.

If the dreams in your sleep are severe, then your inaction could lead to unpleasant consequences. Rethink your approach to life, can greatly improve its quality. When you go in a good mood, so, in real life, you can expect the unexpected solutions to longstanding problems.

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