Dream sled: the interpretation of dreams

Ride in a dream on the sled – interesting. But these dreams have a special meaning. Often they mean news, upcoming entertainment and fun. But in some cases they warn you about failures, trouble or poverty. In the worst case, they may portend about the funeral.

sleigh sleep

Can dream sled: what is it?

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dreamed a dream sled, wait for interesting news.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Sleigh often have to future pleasures, merriment and amusements.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If in the dream you watched as your friends or relatives passed on a sled, be ready to that someone from your environment, you will be hurt or even insulted. It will hurt your self-esteem and hurts to the core. If you are riding on a sled, be careful and do not say more. Rash words can derail all of your business.

Summer Tlumach

To see the sled in a dream – a warning that youth passes quickly.

Women’s dream book

If you dream you had to ride, get ready for what you will have to take on unpleasant responsibilities and to assume greater responsibility. Just see the sleigh – you will have trouble in love or your friendship with certain people will crack.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To go sledding down the hills – a good sign. You are in for a pleasant pastime and pleasure.

Small dream book of Veles

If in a dream saw a sled, so you will come visit or you are invited to someone’s house. If in the dream you did the sled get ready for the long journey. An important role plays the design and the richness of the sled. Simple – to poverty, expensive and elaborately made – to unexpected income.

The newest dream book

Seeing the sleigh in the night visions, and be prepared to meet a funeral procession.

In the dream to see the sled – will have to participate in the funeral.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

If you are into night dreams fast ride in a sleigh with a team of horses, someone will help to rapidly improve the situation. If you move out to the mound, be careful. You can lose chance which will never be in your life. Force, work, everything is in your hands. Your work will not be without reward.

Esoteric dream book

Sleigh ride in a dream promises a pleasant pastime, trip or celebration. You may even be lucky enough to go abroad. To pull a sled with a steep hill up to the celebrations. You have a nice time, relax and gain new strength.

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