Dream interpretation: what it means to slap someone in a dream

What a slap in the face dreams: dream interpretation interpret this vision in different ways, depending on who is attacked and under what circumstances.

Lepas dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: what does a slap in the face in my sleep

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If the slap in the dream, you left a loved one, get ready for unpleasant surprise from him. If you gave her a close person (relative, friend), be prepared for a situation that requires the intervention of strangers; one slapped you in the face – will come true what you’ve always dreamed of, aspired to.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dream you received a slap in the face, means the development of new work, which will seem to you difficult. Even if it seems that the proposal for new work, should not rush to conclusions, analyze the situation again.

Another interpretation of the slap – unexpected news or a pleasant meeting with old friends. To slap another person, trouble, hurt, resentment.

The meaning of the dream on world dream books

To slap on the dream interpretation Vanga – the failure of the very business.

For the interpretation of the medium Hasse to blow on the cheek it means to be offended, humiliated or stay the whole day in an unpleasant society. To hit someone waiting for the catch. To dream as a guy and a girl beating each other’s faces, – disputes and mutual lapping with the second half.

Persian dream book says that getting slapped in the dream is a real threat. In the coming days you may be subject to libel and slander.

Dream interpretation interprets Cantina getting slapped in the dream as the opportunity to be in a stupid society. Besides, you can put in place or you will feel uncomfortable.

To hit the face of another person – to defend its honor and to repel the envious, enemies, bad people.

The value of dreams for women and men

For a young woman/girl, who received in a dream and said that the dream interprets the Commission of acts with the aim of raising self-esteem. It will happen without anyone’s help, but only your efforts. Such a dream means freedom in love. Perhaps the current partner is not able to realize your fantasies in full.

If you gave someone in the face, prepare for the failure of the plans.

In the dream you hit the husband gets unfriendly environment; parents – conflict with the households who will turn to you a waste of nerves. If you hit the child’s face, in front of you waiting for an unrecoverable error.

For men a vision in which he insulted the fairer sex, indicates fear of women, especially in intimate relationships, but these fears are totally groundless.

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