What does it mean to dream of starry sky

The sky in a dream – a very complex character. As in life, in visions it can be very different. Its state depends on the value.

What dream sky

What dream sky

Women’s dream book

Clear sky portends a fascinating journey and respect from colleagues.

What a dream sky, sometimes there are small clouds? Someone harbored any resentment toward you. Perhaps your hopes will not come true.

The blood-red sky heralds a lot of excitement. They may affect not only you but also the world.

Dream starry sky – your actions will bring success.

To rise or ascend into the sky – you will surely rise up the corporate ladder, your position in society is becoming more high and reliable. Soon you will achieve the desired, but further recovery will be impossible – it will bring grief and the need for revision of priorities in life.

Veles dream book

Why can see the sky? Light to the success of the implementation of plans. For girls for the wedding. For women – to a long marriage.

Dark sky – a quick sad event, serious illness.

Russian folk dream interpretation

In the dream the sky is interpreted as a sign of absolute purity. This is the place where God is closest to the people. Therefore, its condition can be judged.

If the sky in my sleep nothing is closed, you will have a great future. Something about which you dream.

The clouds portend danger. If they appear suddenly, a secret enemy wishes you harm and will soon begin to act. Lightning talk about unexpected news. Pouring rain – about the insurmountable difficulties.

Flight – a symbol of the successful completion of the initiated enterprises.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Dreaming of a clear sky – what is it? Reasonable hope for a happy future or a good solution to the problems.

Dark clouds – you are not lucky, something will prevent you to achieve your goals.

The appearance of white clouds – if you are a creative person then you will visit an unprecedented inspiration. Others they are predicting fresh ideas, joy.

What dreams black sky? If it’s just the night – you lack confidence. If it is darkened from the clouds, you’re in danger.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

In this dream the sky portends a lot of good events, until it is clean. Perhaps you will go on a journey or on holiday in warm countries.

Blue sky always says success, joy, pleasant surprises.

Dark, gloomy, frightening – you need to collect all the strength to overcome all difficulties.

If the clouds are lifting – you’re doing fine, you are right, things will get better soon.

The Dream Miller

The sky is a very good symbol, if it’s clean. That is a thought that causes anxiety will be solved in your favor.

Dark sky for women can mean sadness, resentment and frustration.

To dream of the sky in scarlet – the excitement in the community that can overwhelm you, significantly affect future life.

The starry sky symbolizes the beginning of a long and difficult struggle for their place under the sun.

Up in the sky – lack of satisfaction from the achieved goals. Perhaps it was given to you too easily, it is necessary to realize the immensity of dreams. Now is the time to act.

Chinese dream interpretation

Look to the sky – to get rich quick.

Clarifies the sky – to get rid of dangers and troubles.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

Clear sky portends popularity, if you sought it, respect, a peaceful, comfortable life.

Formidable, sometimes there are small clouds – someone is very upset at you, but hides the anger in yourself. One day he decides to take revenge.

A full month in the sky – review of life values. Soon you will get tired of the hustle and bustle, you want peace and privacy. Closeness to nature can satisfy new desires and to dispel the doubts about the future.

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