What dreams skull

Agree, it is unpleasant to contemplate in a dream the skull. But what is to see on this question will be answered by different commentators.

What dreams skull dream interpretation

What dreams skull dream interpretation

A modern dream book

Had to contemplate a skull with an ugly smile will be something appalled or quarrel with loved ones.

You touch in the dream to skull hand – wait reality that things will not go very well.

You will hurt each other, holding a grudge against you due to the fact that someone is doing you a favour – that’s what dream of the skull of man.

It will be much to repent for the committed actions, if beheld his skull.

Mythological dream book

In the dream the skull, which was draped over the hood, and beside him was his scythe, symbolizes the destruction of something old, the birth of new development prospects and opportunities.

Something destructive portends seen a human skull. But sometimes this dream can signify the wisdom which is inherent in the people.

Family dream book

Before you appeared a skull with an unpleasant smile – in fact, you will not be able to circumvent quarrels with the household.

When you touched the skull, in reality, your business will not be as good as you would like.

You torment the conscience, if in the dream you had a chance to contemplate the skull.

Erotic dream book

Dream skull may portend sickness, both physical and mental.

Seeing in a dream the skull, in reality, be careful, because sexual attraction to someone may be your reason undesirable consequences.

Dream skull can be a symbol of the problems with the psychological state that somehow has a connection with sexual relations. Perhaps you have fear of entry into intimacy, or the fear of sexual harassment.

Male such a dream promises the fears about the loss of male power and deceit.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Beheld the skull? In fact, you have a huge desire to solve the mystery, which in fact is prominently displayed. Do you think that life is too complex, but is it really?

Dream Interpretation Longo

When you beheld the skull, get ready to really solve the problem, which was already forgotten you. But the complexity of it over time just increased, so for the moment need more time and effort to resolve.

Saw entered someone else’s home, where the table lay a skull, and soon you will get acquainted with wise and kind person will bring you a happy accident. However, we know that coincidences don’t exist. So the sage sent you for something specific, for example, to quickly get out of a confusing situation.

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