Skirt in a dream

What to see the skirt in your dreams?

Dream skirt

Dream skirt

Dream Interpretation Of Freud.

If a man dreamt he puts on a skirt, so he just wants to be a woman, but only in order to understand this condition. If such a dream saw a woman implies her passion for lesbian love. When a woman is dreaming of a skirt in a dream, which it sews, it can mean secretiveness and distrust of others. It is better to trust people.

Summer dream

It is noteworthy that if in dreams you see yourself in the corrugated skirt, it predicts the coquetry soon. Those who dream put on clothes, including a skirt or pants, dealing in reality, find solutions to old problems. It is worth noting that it also plays a role in what day of the week had this dream. Also the skirt is a dream to love the twists and turns.

Children’s dream book

For this dream, women’s skirt can dream to meet an interesting person.

Women’s dream book

When a woman in a dream wearing yourself to a luxurious full skirt, it could only mean her popularity among men. To see the dirty skirt surrounding learn of your past sins.

Erotic dream book

If a man was looking at the skirt, then maybe he just wants to have a woman you recently met, which is still impregnable. A woman who is considering a skirt, can count on the love. Just consider that if you are wearing in the dream, black long skirt, then you are probably not satisfied with your sexual partner and want changes.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov E.

To wear a skirt for a date with a loved one. If your outfit was tainted, in real life you are waiting for treatment. When you are offered to wear a brand new skirt, it means that you are constantly thinking about the past.

Spring dream interpretation

Every time you dream of a skirt, you will be meeting with the new boyfriend.

French dream book

He saw in a dream skirt should be prepared for humiliation. But if it was torn, it’s a harbinger of broken love.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

By dream, any long skirt can be interpreted as a barrier from others, the method of self-defense. You are too suspicious, and it may interfere with your plans to achieve success. Of course, extra caution doesn’t hurt, but do not overdo it. The dreamer in that outfit tries to dissociate itself from outsiders and as close as possible to approach the native people in search of protection.

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