To dream of skin – dream interpretation

sleep skin

The animal’s skin in a dream — what a dream

In real life, to see the skin of some animal it is rarely necessary, but in the dream everything is possible. The interpretation of dreams in which you saw the skin, depends on what you did to her and from which she animals. Such dreams can mean wealth, power, far-reaching plans or selfishness and compromise.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Pelt with long fur, a symbol of luxury, wealth, and prosperity. But in some circumstances it should be seen as a sign of aggression by other people.

Oriental dream book

If you dream you saw a beautiful treated skin, this suggests that in the near future you will have to do the good stuff. You will get a lot of inner satisfaction from the work done.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

If you dream you had to admire the expensive leather with a long and fluffy fur that lies on the floor or hanging on the wall, rejoice. Your position in society will be strong and your family’s well being will flourish. To dream of the hide of the bear – sign for you. Are you familiar with important people who have great influence and authority in society. Use your chance. These people can be of great help if you ask them for support. If you dreamed of a wolf or a tiger skin, you will win their detractors. Your competitors will be defeated in the dust.

The newest dream book

Skin dream – be prepared that you will have to spend. It happens unexpectedly at the wrong time. Skin in a dream – to the prosperity and well-being.

Family dream book

To consider the dream of the animal skin – you capture thoughts about their own well-being. You’ll be happy to do what you love, which will bring you good profit.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If you see night dreams animal skin, wait for a business letter. Buy skins – the news from distant relatives. Selling animal skins suggests that you will be sending messages to your loved ones. If you dream you are lying on a soft animal skin, wait love messages.

To see yourself in a dream dressed in skin – profits and good income. But here will not come without sacrifice. You will have to go to some place for work during the way you happen to get sick. But in the end everything will end happily. If in a dream someone stole you skin the animal, wait for the wrong you business offers. You will have to give it up.

Esoteric dream book

To remove the skin in a dream – you need to think about proper rest. Need to recuperate and maintain their health. Just look at animal skin – severe and serious reflection. You will be annoyed thoughts, from which you will be hard to break free.

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