Skin in a dream

Dreams are not simply random images, but the signals of our subconscious. How to interpret dreams in which the dream skin?

Dream interpretation leather

Dream interpretation leather

Women’s dream book

For women to see the skin during sleep is a good sign, which symbolizes the material well-being. To see for yourself leather clothes – gambling in the near future, Fortuna is on your side. Dream ornaments, made of leather, to harmony in personal life. If the skin in a dream he saw a man, soon he will feel the increase in women’s interest, if he has his own business things will go better.

Islamic dream interpretation

In this dream, the skin stands as a symbol of patience, endurance, perseverance. This dream means that in real life you have no problems with these qualities. To see a lot of leather – to obtain a heritage, a valuable gift. I dreamt that the skin on the face is cleansed and radiant health – health problems will be much less. To dream that your skin has an unhealthy color to it.

English dream interpretation

According to him, the skin during sleep is interpreted as a symbol of your relationship with the outside world. Dreamed that on the face or body pimples, sores – you overreact to what is happening should be troubles away is quieter, they will be over soon. To see your skin clean and healthy – you are in a state of mental equilibrium. If in the dream a familiar person paid attention to your skin, be careful about your health.


Leather as a material symbol of the material well-being. To see leather goods, jewelry, decorated furniture from the skin to improve the financial situation, success in gambling.

Red leather – a dream foretells her wedding of a close friend. Had black leather, contaminated or spoiled something, to conflict with the partner, problems in your personal life.

To see his face without the slightest flaw, someone admires you, ulcers, boils on the skin – to quarrel with friends, disappointment in friendship.

According to dream interpretation, the skin peels off in your subconscious long overdue determination to change your life, the skin peels off – you are unfair to your friends.

Had red spots on the skin – need to moderate their demands for loved ones.

If you dream you decorated her body with tattoos – strive to win the sympathy of the opposite sex.

Dreaming of dried, cracked skin – this indicates your strained relations with your family, in your own family tormented by loneliness. It is necessary to overcome itself, and the first to make contact, establish a relationship.

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